It seems like Elizabeth Whitelaw wasn’t very popular with the production team in week two of The Bachelor. She did not get as much screen time as some of her more assertive peers on the show, many of whom defied rules of etiquette to get more alone time with Nick Viall. Fans of the blonde beauty are hoping she will be shown more on the upcoming episode, so fans can get to know her better. Until then, we’ve got Elizabeth from The Bachelor’s Instagram and social media accounts to share with her fans.

The Bachelor’s Elizabeth Whitelaw will need to step up her seduction game in next week’s episode, because Corrine Olympios, Alexis Waters and Brittney Farrar have no intentions of taking things slow! Corrine interrupted another bachelorette’s alone time with Nick, took off her bikini top in the pool and asked Nick to “Janet Jackson” her. Alexis took her clowning to the next level with Nick by celebrating the birthday of her breast implants with cupcakes! With these bachelorettes stealing the spotlight, it’s no wonder demurer characters like Elizabeth got the curtains closed in front of them. To give her credit, she was off to a good start in week two. She was one of the few contestants who got to go on the first group date with Nick Viall. The couple even shared a cute smooch on the field! If you love all things Elizabeth, we’ve got Elizabeth from The Bachelor’s Instagram pics to show you, plus all her social media information so you can follow her online!

Here come the brides! Which of these ladies do you think will turn this picture-perfect fantasy into a reality? #TheBachelor

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Elizabeth on The Bachelor’s Facebook is the perfect place for you to get fun updates from her highlights on the show. She also posts beautiful photos of her self in bridal-style outfits! Be sure to check out her account! Elizabeth on The Bachelor’s Twitter is another great way to contact her, show your support, and let her know just how fantastic you think she is. If you want to view Elizabeth on The Bachelor’s Snapchat, you’ll have to sign up for an account first!

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Elizabeth on The Bachelor Instagram username: @elizabethwhitelaw