Elizabeth on The Bachelor faded into the background again in the show’s second episode, which aired on Monday. For her second night as a contestant on the show, she still did not get as much screen time as some of the more assertive contestants, who pushed for intimate time with Nick. The blonde beauty will need to work harder to gain Nick’s attention, but she certainly has what it takes to impress him. We’re sharing some of the best Elizabeth Whitelaw photos from her Instagram account and you won’t want to miss them!

Elizabeth Whitelaw was first introduced on the season 21 premiere, which aired last week. Although she wasn’t on camera very much, she called Nick Viall “breathtaking” and was one of the 22 women who made it through the first rose ceremony. The New Trier High School alumna wore a beautiful lace dress and smiled brightly at the suited man. To her credit, she was off to a good start in episode two! She was one of the few contestants to go on the first group date with Nick. The couple even shared a cute smooch on the field. Since she stays out of drama, fans of the show are curious about whether she’s doing it on purpose, or whether she’s just not as passionate as the other women. Then again, we already have contestant Corinne, throwing herself at Nick as much as she possibly can. Passionate is certainly one term to describe it! As the show goes on, Elizabeth’s true colors will eventually show, and we’ll begin to see if she’s really the sweet, quiet one we all think she is! Until then, we’re sharing some hot Elizabeth from The Bachelor Instagram pics!

Pucker up for a new episode of #TheBachelor tomorrow! ????

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Elizabeth Whitelaw Pics

The demure blondie is much more modest on social media than some of the other women, but it doesn’t stop her from being sexy in a classy way! She also has a cute sense of humor, as you’ll see from one of the snaps below. Although there are no bikini pics of the contestant, it’s easy to tell by her figure that she works out and stays in shape!

Elizabeth continues to have all the right opportunities for success with Nick, but she fails to keep his attention when compared with passionate go-getters like Corrine. Although we don’t necessarily agree with Corrine’s aggressive methods, it has been working for Nick, thus far. Elizabeth will have to step up her game and fight for more alone time with Nick, especially if she hopes to make it through to the finals!

Elizabeth’s favorite movies are The NotebookSleeping with Other People, and Finding Nemo, and her favorite television shows are Game of Thrones and Ja’mie: Private School Girl. In the past, she’s met guys using dating apps such as Bumble and Hinge, however, she said she prefers to meet through mutual friends, as she put it, “in front of millions of weekly viewers. :)” She would love to experience a day in the life of Kate Middleton or Britney Spears.

Me too, @victoriassecret me too.

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