Unfortunately, not all May-December marriages are destined for success. Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss, 31, recently opened up in an interview with New York magazine about her failed marriage to 47-year-old Saturday Night Live star Fred Armisen. Needless to say, Moss had less than nice things to say about her older ex-husband.

The celebrity couple tied the knot after dating for about a year, but their marriage never made it past the one-year mark—they were separated in eight months and their divorce was finalized by May 2011. So, what went wrong? It turns out a lot of it had to do with their 16-year age difference.

“Looking back, I feel like I was really young, and at the time I didn’t think that I was that young,” said Moss. “It was extremely traumatic and awful and horrible.”


That being said, Moss is sort of grateful for being so young when their marriage collapsed. “At the same time, it turned out for the best. I’m glad that I’m not there. I’m glad that it didn’t happen when I was 50. I’m glad I didn’t have kids. And I got that out of the way. Hopefully.”

To be fair, Fred Armisen has admitted in the past that he being a “terrible husband” and boyfriend had a lot to do with the celebrity couple’s marriage falling apart. “I want it all—fast,” he explained in an interview with Howard Stern. “I want to be married—the amount of girls I’ve lived with right away—and then somewhere around a year, two years, I get freaked out.”

The experience of this particular celebrity couple actually sets a good example for other age-gap couples. If you’re dating a much older man, your views on marriage can be very different. Even if marriage is something you see yourself doing at some point in life, be careful not to rush into it with your older man, no matter how much he might pressure you. The marriage will never last if you wind up moving too fast and then regretting your decision.

What do you think: Would you marry an older man after less than a year of dating?



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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

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