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Eli Manning and the New York Giants are facing some glitches and fans are already biting their nails! Last night, they lost to the Dallas Cowboys and it looks like Eli Manning needs to step his game up! Manning’s wife, Abby McGrew, has nothing but support for her husband and is hopeful about his team improving. Who is Abby McGrew? Scroll down for all the information you need about her in our Abby McGrew wiki.

With another loss for Eli Manning and the New York Giants, Eli Manning’s wife, Abby McGrew, is more than positive about her husband’s potential. Eli has been a great asset to the Giants and though they are going through a rough patch now, fans are hopeful that they will make a comeback soon. Read on to know all about Abby McGrew’s wiki.

#1. Abby McGrew’s Parents and Family

Born on August 25, 1983, in Tennessee, Abby McGrew’s age is 33. She grew up with two sisters, Lacey and Molly, and went to the prestigious Brentwood Academy.

#2. Abby McGrew and Eli Manning

Abby and Eli met at the University of Mississippi, which they both attended when she was a freshman in 2002. They soon started dating and, though Abby moved to New York to study fashion, they stuck together. When she worked for Paula Roland in New York, he was already playing with the Giants.


Abby McGrew

#3. Becoming Abby Manning

Eli Manning became the ideal fiancé, to say the least, and proposed to Abby with a rock any woman would love. She was surprised when he got down on one knee and gave her an emerald-cut ring with two diamonds surrounding the center stone. Abby obviously said yes! The couple walked down the aisle two years later on April 9, 2009, in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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#4. Abby McGrew Manning’s Kids

Abby and Eli Manning welcomed their first child; Ava Francis, on March 21, 2011. The couple wanted to keep the baby away from the eyes of the media, with Eli being especially protective of his little girl. Soon after, Abby announced that she was pregnant with their second child and, on June 17, 2013, little Lucy Thomas Manning was born. While we were still gushing about Eli and Abby’s little girls, they announced their third pregnancy, and on January 29, 2015, Caroline Olivia Manning was born. It’s four against one for Eli, and though the Manning family certainly have their hands full with three daughters, they wouldn’t have it any other way!

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#5. Abby McGrew Manning is a True Philanthropist

When she’s not with her three kids and quarterback hubby, Abby spends most of her time doing charity. She loves to give back and is involved in many charitable events. Abby and Eli Manning have donated $3.0 million for a 15,600 sq. ft. clinic for children to be built at Blair E. Batson Hospital. Abby also donated to St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York to develop a new birthing center. Though Abby McGrew’s net worth has not been calculated, we do know that Eli Manning’s net worth estimated to be a jaw-dropping $100.0 million. He earns a salary of about $18.0 million and between $8.0-$10.0 million through endorsements alone. So, money should not be a problem for the Mannings, even after raising three girls and giving back to their community!


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