Ed Westwick has a message for everyone, and he chose to send it out via aliens on Instagram. The Gossip Girl star posted a cartoon image of an alien sitting in a spaceship with what seems like an exploded planet Earth in the background.

The alien is seen looking back and saying, “Long story short – they forgot that they are all brothers and sisters, co-habiting the same planet so they kinda became delusional and imagined these invisible boarders, beliefs and structures separating them, and they started destroying each other and the earth they live on – instead of just living, sharing, creating and evolving together [sic].”

Westwick simply inserted an alien emoticon in the caption along with the hashtag, “theyforgot.” The message he wanted to deliver was loud and clear, as over 44,000 fans liked this post in less than three hours—it has since racked up over 74,000 likes on Instagram and over a thousand retweets on Twitter.


? #theyforgot

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Moreover, the cartoon garnered some very interesting comments. One user wrote, “Did you ever read the Bible story regarding the tower of Babel?” This is in reference to the story in the Old Testament about the city wherein people migrated to a city and built a tower, and everyone spoke the same language. However, upon seeing their tower, God said that nothing would be unattainable if they shared only one language. Hence, to prevent their self-sufficiency from destroying them, he scattered the people all over the world and convoluted their language.

While that may be an interesting theory, other followers posed other theories, like one person who wrote, “Some believe our lives on earth are aliens experiments [sic].”


It seems as though the heartthrob’s followers are not only a fan of his pretty face, but also his wits. Many fans also appreciated his serving of food for thought.

Meanwhile, the actor is awaiting the start of his new project, a television series called Wicked City. Set in the early ‘80s, the plot centers around two detectives trying to catch the rampant Sunset Strip serial killer, played by Westwick. The series premiere will air on October 27 on ABC.

Ed Westwick, Instagram post, October 13, 2015.

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