Ed Sheeran already has an incredibly successful music career to his name, but now he’s ready to conquer Hollywood. The singer bagged a role in the highly anticipated sequel, Bridget Jones’s Baby, and although it’s only a small part, it’s the first time Sheeran will be appearing in a major Hollywood blockbuster.

Despite being an award-winning artist, Sheeran is known for being very down to Earth and the excitement of being on a movie set certainly hasn’t been lost on the 24-year-old. Earlier today, Sheeran shared a picture on Instagram of himself taking selfie on set with the film’s leading star, Renee Zellweger, smiling behind him. In the caption, Sheeran wrote, “Spent the day being an actor in the new Bridget Jones movie. Loved it, you’re gonna love it too. [sic]”

Ed Sheeran Shares Sneak Peek From New Bridget Jones Movie Instagram

Photo: Instagram/teddysphotos


As soon as the picture went up, Sheeran’s fans instantly started commenting on how excited they were that he was going to be part of the next installment in the Bridget Jones franchise. For instance, one of the comments among the thousands reads, “Loved the other Bridget Jones movies, with you in it, icing on the cake. Can’t wait!”

Some fans were actually even surprised to see that Sheeran was going to be in the new movie, despite the many rumors that have been circulating for months. The news first started spreading back in July and August after a film crew was spotted at Sheeran’s concert in Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium. Although none of the film’s leading stars were actually there, the media instantly started speculating that Sheeran would nab some sort of a role, even if it was just a cameo, in the 2016 film.

There are no details yet on what Sheeran’s role in the movie will be, but it’s a huge step forward for the young star’s career. For all we know, this could be the start of a very lucrative shift to acting for Sheeran.  And judging by the response to his Instagram post (160,000 likes in as little as an hour), his fans are all for it—there’s a good chance the new Bridget Jones movie will get a whole new fan base, thanks to their hot new cast member.

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