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Ed Sheeran is back on social media! That’s right—after two years of being on hiatus, the most famous ginger in the world (after Prince Harry, of course) is back, after posting a cryptic message on Twitter recently. This got us thinking about Ed Sheeran’s girlfriend and the question of “Who is Ed Sheeran dating?”  

Since Sheeran has been off the grid for a while now, we have decided to put together an Ed Sheeran dating timeline! The 25-year-old British singer may be caught surrounded by beautiful admirers (as expected by his career) but he’s mostly involved in more rumors than relationships.

At the moment, he’s still dating 24-year-old Cherry Seaborn and there’s no sign of two heading for a break up anytime soon. So, here are the few people who have been linked to the “Photograph” singer in the past.

Athina Andrelos

The 25-year-old foodie and Sheeran dated for 14 months, before he settled down with his newest girlfriend, Seaborn. Andrelos and Sheeran met when she was the tour manager for a girl that was opening for Sheeran at one of his shows. Now, Andrelos doesn’t work in the music business anymore—instead she works for famed chef, Jamie Oliver. Aside from making amazing food and posting it on her Instagram account, Andrelos is also fluent in Greek and is of Greek descent.

The two have a picture of them vacationing in Ibiza, Spain, on a boat. Andrelos was also the source of inspiration for Sheeran’s hit song, “Thinking Out Loud.” Is anyone else wondering if Seaborn Googles her?

When Sheeran was asked about his relationship by Capitol London’s Breakfast Show, he may have been down played his involvement with Seaborn, but made a reference to Andrelos.

“It’s actually non-existent at the moment,” he told the show host. “I’m not in anything. I’m not in anything, no. My relationship ended and then I went the day after it ended to the Middle East, Asia, South America, I was just gone and my mind had no time to just settle with it. So, I was just working, working, working.”

Nicole Scherzinger

This relationship falls squarely in the rumor category. Many believed that Sheeran and former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger were once an item, but it was just a rumor. It’s the same problem Kate Hudson has whenever she’s seen walking beside a man! But sometimes, dinner really is just dinner. (Although her dinner with footballer J.J. Watt was actually a date and was broadcasted live on Snapchat, but she wasn’t hiding that.) And, we still don’t know if anything happened between Hudson and Nick Jonas during that dinner date earlier this year, but that’s for a different story!

Taylor Swift

All Taylor Swift can do is shake it off when it comes to her turn on the rumor mill. The 27-year-old “Bad Blood” singer has been rumored to have been dating Sheeran more than once, but the truth is the young singers are just close friends. They have been in each other’s corners for the good and the bad, and it seems as though Sheeran isn’t the only man-friend in Swift’s life, despite her own dating timeline. Since when is it a crime to be a good platonic friend?

Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift

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Sheeran hasn’t put out any music since 2014, but he seems to be enjoying his down time with Seaborn, who currently resides in New York. It is rumored that an upcoming album is all set for the new year, so we may have to thank his newest muse!