Halloween Makeup Tutorials: Raise Your Spooky Glamour Quo!

Halloween Makeup Tutorials
Photo: Mark Kolbe / Staff/ Getty Images

October is here which means that Halloween is creeping up like Pennywise does on Georgie. If you still have no idea what your costume will be, then why not check out some Halloween makeup ideas and build your costume up that way! Below are some easy Halloween makeup tutorials to make sure your look is on point.

Halloween is just around the corner and, while most of us decided what our costumes will be, a lot of people are still looking for ideas. If you do not want to spend a lot on costumes, then you need to make sure your Halloween makeup is on point.

If you want to go for a new look this year, you can put together a clever DIY outfit with the best Halloween makeup look! Instead of looking through the limited selection at a store, get some inspiration with these Halloween makeup ideas.

You can completely transform your looks with the power of makeup. YouTube has some of the best Halloween makeup tutorials, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a scary or glam look with a few everyday products. We listed some of our favorite YouTube Halloween makeup tutorials for anyone looking for a way to spook-up their look this year!

It Pennywise Makeup Tutorial


Whether or not you watched the movie, Pennywise can give anyone a sleepless night. If you feel inspired by the look and want to scare people this year, then all you need to pull off this terrifying look is your makeup kit, green contact lenses, and a steady hand!

Annabelle Makeup Tutorial

The amount of horror movies released this year alone should give us enough Halloween makeup ideas. Imagine how scared people will be being stuck in a room with Annabelle! All you need to do is follow this easy YouTube tutorial and perfect your death stare.


Valak Makeup Tutorial

As if the first Conjuring was not enough to scare us, they decided to come out with The Conjuring 2. In it, we saw more of the scary looking demon, Valak, who gave us all endless nightmares. This look is ideal for Halloween as you do not need to much, and the added contact lenses are optional. Get ready to scare anyone you see this year!

Chucky Makeup Tutorial

Just when we thought we saw the last of the murderous doll, Cult of Chucky was released. This cool Halloween makeup tutorial can easily be combined with clothes you are bound to have lying around the house. Add props and practice your sinister laugh to remind people that Annabelle was not the first possessed doll to haunt our dreams!

Night King White Walker Makeup Tutorial

Game of Thrones only gets better by the season, and we still cannot get enough of the White Walkers! After the events of season 7, dress up as the Night King for Halloween. All you need for this makeup look is ample amount of patience and a steady hand. Brace yourself, Halloween is coming.


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