Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials Featuring Harley Quinn, Melting Skull Look and More

Halloween Makeup Tutorials
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Everybody wants to look their best on Halloween. Once you find the perfect costume, you need to make sure your makeup is unique and on point. Don’t worry, it’s simple to do your own makeup. All you need to do is follow Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube.

YouTube is a great source for finding step-by-step instructions on everything from fixing cars, to baking a cake. One of the most popular tutorial searches on the web site is for makeup tutorials—especially easy, last minute Halloween makeup tutorials.

For Halloween your costume has to be perfect, which can’t be done if your makeup is not. A lot of people steer clear of intense makeup looks for Halloween, simply because they think it might be too difficult. Don’t make the same mistake this year! Watch these five easy Halloween makeup tutorials to get the perfect look.

Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Easy Deer Makeup Tutorial

If you want to be a deer this Halloween, then you should definitely give this video a watch. TheMakeupChair’s first Halloween makeup tutorial is very helpful, and easy to follow. Even makeup novices can pull off this look without breaking a sweat!


Harley Quinn

People are going crazy over Harley Quinn’s look in Suicide Squad, in fact many want to dress up like her for Halloween. So, of course you can’t be Harley Quinn if you don’t look like her. AdelaineMorin has a detailed tutorial that’s super simple to follow!

Greek Statue


No need to feel left out, boys! We have got you covered. If you want to be a Greek statue for Halloween then you should definitely take a look at Alex Faction’s YouTube channel, as he shows how easy it is to get the look.

Ouija Board

Yes, you can look like an Ouija board for Halloween. Summon the dead with this easier-than-it-looks makeup tutorial by Madeyewlook.

Melting Skull

If you really want to stand out this Halloween, you should try out this look. This melting skull tutorial will definitely bring you in the limelight, provided you wear the right costume with it.

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