Clint Eastwood’s 20-year-old daughter, Francesca Eastwood, recently made headlines after it was revealed that she married 35-year-old music manager, Jordan Feldstein (actor Jonah Hill’s brother), at a Vegas chapel. The celebrity couple wasn’t publicly dating, which is why sources said the impromptu marriage was the result of a lot of alcohol. A week after tying the knot, they’re already seeking an annulment.

Eastwood, who’s currently in the middle of his own divorce, hasn’t said a word about his daughter’s so-called marriage mistake, even though he’s made it clear that marriage is something you should “think long and hard about.” But one person who is speaking out to defend her questionable Vegas behavior is Eastwood’s much younger soon-to-be ex-wife and Francesca’s stepmother, Dina Ruiz.

Ruiz recently appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show and chalked the whole Vegas marriage incident up to Francesca just being an “adrenaline junkie,” adding that the young model is “a lovely, smart, amazing person who will do a goof-off at a whim.” In other words, her marrying an older man was for nothing more than a rush.


Ruiz also said that even though her stepdaughter said there was no alcohol involved, she’s isn’t entirely sure she’s telling the truth because, let’s be honest, what 20-year-old will admit to a parent that they went to Vegas (where the legal drinking age is 21) and got married in a drunken stupor.

Ruiz admitted that she doesn’t believe Francesca would do this just for the publicity because, like the rest of Eastwood’s kids, she’s ignorant to the fact that having a celebrity father makes them famous, too. She also didn’t expect it to go so public so fast. “Francesca would actually do something like that thinking that no one would ever find out. They don’t get that they are tied to Clint Eastwood or that they have a little bit of success on their own.”

What do you think: Is being an “adrenaline junkie” enough to justify a spontaneous Vegas wedding?


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