Photo by: Frazer Harrison/ Staff /Getty Images

On the heels of his impending divorce from Dina Ruiz, Clint Eastwood recently shared some sound marriage advice for his fans: “Think long and hard before you get married.” If there’s one person who should’ve listened, it’s his own daughter, Francesca Eastwood.

On November 17, the 20-year-old model walked down the aisle with Jonah Hill’s 35-year-old brother, Jordan Feldstein. Their nuptials took place at a seedy Vegas chapel that’s known for providing the couples with witnesses who double as Elvis impersonators. Sources close to the celebrity couple say that, of course, alcohol was a factor in their decision to tie the knot. “They haven’t even been dating that long, but when in Vegas!” said one insider.

Not surprisingly, Eastwood immediately regretted the decision to marry Feldstein, a celebrity manager. Now, a week later, she wants to annul the marriage because it was just one big drunken mistake. She was actually photographed at an event a couple days later sans wedding ring. She was also spotted enjoying a fancy dinner date with a handsome new mystery man.

What do you think: Have you ever done something while you were drunk and then regretted later?


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