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Dylan Federico is infamous for leaving a stranded kitten in Hurricane Ian, but Floridians admit he’s pretty good at his day job. So, they were surprised when the meteorologist announced he was stepping back from it. Dylan Federico is leaving WINK-TV in March 2023. Naturally, his regular viewers want to know where he is going next and if he is continuing in meteorology. Find out what Dylan Federico said about leaving WINK News.

Dylan Federico to Exit WINK-TV

Growing up in New Orleans, Dylan Federico has witnessed his fair share of severe weather and has wanted to chase storms since he was young. It led him to the top meteorology program at Mississippi State University.

In 2017, he intercepted Hurricane Irma and covered its path from start to finish, featuring on several networks. With weather casting experience on Campus Connect, Federico graduated with a BS in Meteorology in 2018.

His first broadcast job was in Columbus, Georgia. He was a meteorologist on WTVM until 2020.

He moved to Fort Myers, Florida, and has been part of the weather team at WINK News since July 2020. His experience with some of the biggest hurricanes (Katrina, Harvey, Irma, and Ida) enabled him to inform Southwest Floridians about the next major storm.

His expertise on hurricanes didn’t save him from the eye of a social media storm in 2022. He posted a video of a kitten stranded in Hurricane Ian, but it backfired when social media users slammed him for not attempting to save it. Federico did say they tried to rescue it after filming the video, but the little feline swam away before they could.

While this infamy will follow him everywhere, Floridians have appreciated Federico’s weather casting. And they’re going to miss it when he leaves WINK News.

Dylan Federico stated that his last day on the air at WINK News was on Wednesday, March 22. Matt Devitt and KC Sherman were among his colleagues who wished him well.

Federico wrote on his official social media, “As far as what’s next? BIG things are coming. Stay tuned!”

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Dylan Federico’s online statement also hints that his new job is taking him away from Southwest Florida. So, keep an eye out on his social media for further news.