Dancing with the Stars may be on a hiatus right now (season 22 doesn’t start till March 21), but it looks like the show’s host, Erin Andrews, still has a bit of dancing fever.

Andrews just posted a bizarre, but oddly entertaining video on Instagram with the simple caption, “My current mood.” The clip shows a group of little girls in a studio dancing to the popular song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” by Silentó. Although they have Santa Clause in the background showing them the song’s signature dance steps, there’s one little girl who busts out with some crazy moves of her own. Needless to say, she puts on quite a show!

My current mood


A video posted by Erin Andrews (@erinandrews) on

With the holidays right around the corner, we can all probably relate to Andrews’ mood, which, from the looks of this video, is excited. Besides, the DWTS host and Fox Sports correspondent could probably use the break after the year she’s had. On top of a packed work schedule, she had to deal with her boyfriend, hockey player Jarret Stoll, being arrested for drug possession. Although he was able to avoid jail time, the media dragged the celebrity couple’s relationship through the mud. Fortunately, they were able to pull through and are still happy together.

In fact, Andrews and Stoll recently signed the lease on a new condo in New York so that they’d be able to hopefully spend more time together. Unfortunately however (at least for Andrews), Stoll was recently put on waivers by the New York Rangers and later picked up by the Minnesota Wild—in other words, he’ll probably be spending much less time in New York now.

While Andrews would probably like to believe that everything will work out for them in the end, she admitted in a recent interview that she’s learned to have a more realistic outlook. “I have no idea what the future will bring,” said Andrew. “We’re brought up thinking our lives are going to be a Taylor Swift song. Then you get older and wiser. You don’t know what is going to bring you happiness.”


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