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About Alice Elizabeth Smith
Known AsBeth Chapman
Age51 Years
BirthOctober 29, 1967 Denver, Colorado
DeathJune 26, 2019 Honolulu, Hawaii
SpouseKeith A. Barmore,
James Chapman 2006 - Present
ChildrenDominic Smith, Cecily Barmore Chapman, Bonnie Jo Chapman, Garry Chapman
SiblingsRandy, Melinda (Will) Lehmann, Tim (Kirsten), Laurie (Dave) Gallegos
ParentsGarry Smith
AddressHoover, Alabama & Montgomery, Alabama
CountryUnited States
Cause of DeathThroat Cancer

After a long battle with cancer, Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman passed away on June 26, 2019. The Chapman family and scores of fans are mourning the loss of the reality star, who was just 51. Beth is remembered for her charisma on the A&E Network show, and for being a badass bail bondsman. Our Beth Chapman wiki celebrates the life of this strong woman.

Beth Chapman Was Born in Denver, Colorado

Beth Chapman was born Alice Elizabeth Smith on October 29, 1967. She was born in Denver, Colorado, but had been living in Hawaii since 1989.

After graduating from high school, Beth worked several different jobs. She had worked as a nightclub singer, an ice skater, a waitress, a clerk, and also a gymnast.

She Was the Youngest Licensed Bail Bondsman

At the age of 29, Beth became a licensed bail bondsman. In fact, she was the youngest in Colorado to get the title! However, her record has been broken by her step-daughter, Lyssa Chapman, as she became a licensed bounty hunter at 19.

Beth was a producer famous for Dog the Bounty Hunter (2003), and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

Beth and her husband Duane starred in their own hit A&E reality show for eight seasons until it was canceled in 2012, before trying again with a new show on CMT, which ended in 2015.

In 2016, Beth won the campaign for the President of the National Bail Bonds Association.

She Was the Daughter of a Late Ex-Professional Baseball Player

Her father, Garry Smith, was a 6’4” ex-professional baseball player, who played for the Kansas City Athletics as a first baseman. Garry even appeared on the reality show, Dog the Bounty Hunter. He was known as “Pops” on the show.

Garry passed away on February 28, 2006, from problems due to diabetes and heart disease. He died in his home town of Denver, Colorado.

Beth is survived by four siblings: Randy, Melinda Lehmann, Tim, and Laurie Gallegos.

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Beth Chapman Married Duane “Dog” Chapman

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When Beth was 17 years old and in high school, she became a teen mom after the birth of her baby boy, whom she named Dominic Smith. He was born in 1985.

Beth was previously married to Keith A. Barmore. They got married on August 26, 1991, and have one daughter together, Cecily Barmore Chapman, who was born in 1993.

Nobody knows when the couple got divorced.

But she was best known for being Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife. Beth Chapman was married to Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman at the time of her death.

She met Duane in the late ‘80s under funny circumstances—she was caught shoplifting lemons and he was her bail bondsman!

Her bondsman-turned-boyfriend ended up being her partner in life and work, and eventually the two married and had children. She was Duane’s fifth wife.

In 1999 (though some reports say 1998), they welcomed a daughter named Bonnie Jo (Joanne) Chapman and in 2001, the pair had a son, whom they named Garry. Beth Chapman married Duane Chapman on May 20, 2006.

The couple are also grandparents. In fact, Beth and Duane received physical custody of his grandson, Travis Chapman, in 2011.

According to reports from back then, Duane alleged that his grandson was being abused by his biological father. The Chapmans were awarded temporary custody of the then nine-year-old boy.

Beth’s daughter Bonnie was born in Denver, Colorado and completed her education at Sacred Hearts Academy.

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As for her son Garry? He was also born in Hawaii.

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Beth was stepmother to Nicholas Chapman, Duane Lee Chapman Jr., Leland Chapman, James Chapman, Wesley Chapman, Lyssa Chapman, Christopher Hecht, Tucker Chapman, and Barbara-Katie “B.K.” Chapman.

Beth Was Diagnosed with Cancer and Passed Away in June 2019

In September 2017, Chapman was diagnosed with throat cancer. In a letter, she wrote: “After months of a nagging cough, a routine checkup resulted in a diagnosis of stage II throat cancer.

“I have what is referred to as a T2 Tumor in my throat that is blocking my breathing. My doctors are suggesting immediate treatment and surgery before the disease progresses.”

Chapman reportedly underwent a grueling 13-hour surgery, where a “plum-sized tumor from her neck” was removed. The doctors at Cedars-Sinai Hospital were successful in the operation, which put a positive spin on the Chapmans’ outlook.

However, the seven-inch scar left an impact on Beth, though Dog was very supportive every step of the way.

She moved to her home state of Colorado and initially seemed to be doing much better after the treatment. Beth showed off her scars from her cancer removal surgery on social media.

However, shortly after the surgery, Duane told the media,”She’s not doing good.” She was still seeking treatment and had to return to Hawaii in April 2019 for an emergency procedure to drain fluid from her lungs.

Her health took a turn for the worse in June 2019, and she had to placed in a medically-induced coma in a Honolulu hospital. Duane and their daughter, Bonnie, provided updates on her, assuring fans that she was receiving the best care.

A few days after being placed in a coma, Beth Chapman passed away on June 26, 2019. Duane first broke the news in a heartbreaking tweet. A rep for the Chapmans later confirmed that Beth passed away early Wednesday morning.

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