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About Beth Killough Chapman
Known AsBeth Chapman
Age56 Years
BirthApril 6, 1962 Greenville, Alabama
SpouseJames Chapman
ChildrenWinston Taylor Chapman, William Thatcher Chapman
AddressHoover, Alabama & Montgomery, Alabama
JobAmerican politician

Beth Chapman always seems to keep things interesting. Not satisfied with being an American television personality, reality star, and producer, she’s also taken up the post of President of the National Bail Bonds Association. She rallied for the position and won her campaign, officially earning her the title in 2016. Since then, she’s laid relatively low, as the last of the Dog the Bounty Hunter series ended in 2015. But after being spotted a few months ago looking better than ever, people are noticing how good she looks after shedding quite a few pounds! We’ve got everything you need to know about her, right here in our Beth Chapman wiki.

In between juggling presidential duties, TV Production (Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog: The Family Speaks, and Dog and Beth: On the Hunt), and being on other reality shows, Beth Chapman finds quality time for her real life role as a wife and mother.

Last we heard, she was celebrating Father’s Day with her husband, Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, arguably the country’s most famous bail bondsman. While a picture taken on Father’s Day answers the question, “What does Beth Chapman look like today?”


You can find out a lot more about the fifth Duane Chapman wife, right here in our Beth Chapman wiki.

Beth Chapman’s Early Days

Beth Chapman (Alice Elizabeth Chapman) was born in the fall of 1967 (Oct 29) in Denver, Colorado. Not much is known about her early life except that her father, Garry Smith, played professional baseball and that when she was 17 years old, a high-school affair resulted in the birth of a baby boy (Dominic Smith).

After High School, Beth Chapman worked as a nightclub singer, ice skater, waitress, gymnast, and even as a clerk.

At the age of 29, Beth Chapman became a licensed bail bondsman. She was the youngest bail bondsman in Colorado history, but her record was later broken by her step-daughter, Lyssa Chapman, who became a bail bondsman at the age of 19 years.

Beth Chapman’s Personal Life 

Beth Chapman is currently married to Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. She was first married to Keith A. Barmore in 1991, but they divorced.


Beth Chapman met Duane in the late ‘80s under funny circumstances – she was caught shoplifting lemons and he was her Bail Bondsman! Her bondsman-turned-boyfriend ended up being her partner in life and work, and eventually the two married and had children.

In 1998, they welcomed a daughter named Bonnie Jo (Joanne) Chapman and in 2000, the pair had a son, who they named Garry.

Beth Chapman married Duane Chapman on May 20, 2006. The couple is still going strong, 11 years and counting.  Not even news of her nude pictures in Playboy magazine that went viral on the internet could rock the marriage! Incidentally, the news of the nude photos was completely false, as the pictures were clearly photo-shopped! What is not photo-shopped however, is the new-look Beth Chapman is rocking.

Beth Chapman’s Weight loss

Beth Chapman’s weight loss success story is amazing. She has lost a whopping 50 pounds, reduced her breasts to 42 inches, waist to 24 inches, hips to 32 inches and is confident about her transformed personality.


While rumor has it that her weight loss is a result of tummy-tuck surgery, she slammed that rumor and credited it to a change in her lifestyle. She exchanged watching TV with playing sports, she changed her diet from cheeseburgers to healthy cereals, cabbage, and lettuce, and in an effort to get rid of toxins, she went on a high-water diet. It certainly seemed to work, check out how great she looks!

Beth Chapman 2017

What we know of Beth Chapman now, is that in addition to being a celebrity with a busy schedule, she is a great mom to her four children (two from Duane), as well as her stepchildren from Duane’s earlier marriages. She’s even sort of taken up grandmother duty as she agreed to take custody of Duane’s grandson, Travis Chapman. Beth Chapman’s net worth is reportedly $2.0 million, and as the saying goes, she certainly looks like a million bucks now, too!

With a truckload of children/ stepchildren, a celebrity husband, and the paparazzi following her every move, Beth Chapman’s life has all the ingredients of long-running soap opera.  For all that’s happening in her life, check out Beth Chapman’s Instagram.

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