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Drew Scott of the Property Brothers is all over the news after his recent engagement to Linda Phan, and his stint on Dancing with the Stars. Linda Phan, the creative director for the company Scott owns with his twin brother, will soon star alongside him in a new show!Read on to know more about Drew Scott’s fiancée, Linda Phan and what they’ve got in store!

Raise your hand if you are a fan of HGTV’s Property Brothers! The Scott twins are America’s favorite home renovation duo, and it should come as no surprise that Drew Scott broke millions of hearts when he popped the question to Linda Phan, his girlfriend of seven years, last December. So, who is Drew Scott’s fiancée? We have the scoop on Linda Phan.

Scott’s Long Time Love

Drew Scott and Linda Phan met at an event during Toronto Fashion Week in 2010, and were still dating when Scott proposed to her in the same city in December 2016. They plan to have the wedding in Spring 2018, and even though they haven’t zeroed in on a location yet, they know it will be in Europe.

One interesting fact about the pair is their difference in height. At 5’2”, Phan is almost a foot shorter than Scott! But it looks like neither of them seem to mind and their cute pictures together are still winning hearts all over social media.

Creativity Is Her Domain

Scott described both himself and Linda Phan, age 31, as “workaholics.” She is the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment, the company owned by the twins, and manages their TV commitments, as well as the company’s branding and marketing strategies.

Phan brought her background in architecture and strong creative sensibilities to the table as the company looks to strengthen their marketing campaigns and digital presence. Linda Phan’s job also includes providing vision and perspective to make sure the company has a great social media presence, and keeps up on their philanthropic activities.

Playing the Support Card

Scott’s newest role as a participant on Dancing with the Stars (alongside Emma Slater) has earned him a fresh wave of fans and, as clear from her Instagram page, Phan is front and center cheering on her man!

Drew Scott’s Dancing with the Stars gig has taken off, and he hopes it will pay off in the form of a spectacular first dance routine at his wedding. Scott also shared that Phan loves to dance as much as him, and is a very fast learner.

The Instagram Foodie Queen

When Linda Phan’s Instagram is not flooded with pictures of her and Scott, she does showcase the dishes she’s cooked, as well as many gastronomic adventures at different restaurants. From pictures of delicious gluten-free donuts, to date nights with Scott at the New Orleans School of Cooking, Phan is a true foodie at heart. We think it’s safe to say that, other than Scott, food is her other love!

I still carry a piece of bread pudding with me everywhere I go ? Missing this tasty city!

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Until the wedding bells ring, Phan’s eyes are only on Scott’s DWTS journey, and their upcoming reality TV venture together.  The two will appear on Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House. So, all you Property Brothers fans, look out for more of Scott and Phan’s adventures coming your way!