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Football fans can’t believe what happened in the game between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings! Despite the brilliant performance by Saints quarterback Drew Brees, the franchise came short of winning as the Vikings walked home with a touchdown win. Drew Brees has been a star performer for the Saints after his arrival in New Orleans. And, Drew Brees’ wife always supports him by cheering him on. So, keep reading to know more about her in our Brittany Brees wiki below!

Drew Brees loves New Orleans! Those who have been following the quarterback’s career know that the city is close to his heart.

The same goes for Drew Brees’ wife, Brittany Brees. The family arrived in New Orleans a few months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. And, the couple was at the forefront of the efforts to rebuild the city.

Football, family, and charity work are some of Brittany Brees’ interests. But, there is more to this lovely lady.


Marriage to Drew Brees

Drew Brees met Brittany Dudchenko when they were students at Purdue University. Brees talked about how he did not make a great first impression on her when they first met.

Dr GRU and my little Minion!

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“I made a real fool of myself when I first met her. It was when I was a sophomore. It was my 20th birthday, and I’d had about 17 shots and put my foot in my mouth. It was a typical football player cheesy line—we’ll leave it at that. It took me six months to get the courage to talk to her again. I finagled my way to get invited to a party that I knew she’d be at,” Brees said.


The couple got married in February 2003. They are parents to four adorable kids—three boys and a girl.


Brittany Brees prefers to keep a low profile on social media. Her husband, on the other hand, has shared some of his family’s pictures on his Instagram account.

This family surely shows us some major family goals!

Ha! Kids are nestled all snug in their beds….so now it's time for National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!


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Great time at Mark Ingram's Christmas shopping event tonight. We got to shop with a beautiful 7 year old girl, Jamya. Baylen wore the original 2011 Mark Ingram #28 jersey.


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We also love this pic taken at a birthday party last year. If you want to see Brittany Brees’ hot pics, then head over to Drew Brees’ Instagram account!

Great time last night @katiecouric 60th Birthday Party in NYC!

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Giving Back to the City They Love

As the wife of football superstar Drew Brees, Brittany Brees is a well-known and well-loved face in football circles.

Brees is also involved in many charity projects with her husband. Through the Brees Dream Foundation, they partnered with Operation Kids and worked hard to build academic centers, parks, and playgrounds in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Drew and Brittany Brees bought a fixer-upper home in the city six months after the hurricane. The house was over 100 years old.

The quarterback shared the reason for the purchase and said, “We felt like this was doing our part in the community, buying an older home, renovating it, and making it better.”

The couple also raised funds for a first-of-its-kind playground in the city that can be accessed by kids of all abilities.

The Super Bowl Wife Life

Life as the wife of a football player has its ups and downs, and Brittany Brees can attest to this fact.

Brittany Brees was in the limelight when the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010. And, she had lots to say about balancing football and family in the days leading up to the big event.

“You’re kind of the gatekeeper, so to speak. So, you’re protecting your husband, you’re making sure no added stress is put onto his plate. So, you’re making sure everyone has hotel rooms, everyone has tickets, everyone is happy,” Brees said.

Brees went on to say, “As a wife, you are trying to pretend like nothing’s wrong. This is an average day. Nothing is going on. Somehow you feel since you have no control that that is the one thing you can control are your own emotions.”

According to Brees, the real picture is different, and she said, “You want to throw up.”

Brittany Brees also said that she wished she had enjoyed those winning moments more. We hope she will get more opportunities in the future as Drew Brees continues his superb performance with the Saints.

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