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Drake’s net worth is $98.0 million and we can bet that there probably aren’t too many in shock over this revelation.

The Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor started his career in acting (if you’re Canadian, you’ll remember him most as Jimmy in Degrassi). Drake quite literally started from the bottom and now he’s here, making more money than he could have ever imagined and climbing the fame charts, one hit at a time. So, just how much is Drake worth? To Drake, money is no object and it seems everything he touches turns to gold. Keep reading to better understand where all of his fame and fortune came from!

Breakdown of Drake’s Net Worth

Concert Tours$87,419,100
Investments Income$10,294,983
Music Sales$18,666,239
Total Earnings$164,497,987
Total Net Worth$98.0 million

Concert Tour Earnings

Away From Home$15.3 million
Club Paradise$36.2 million
Would You Like A$35.9 million
Total Earnings$87.4 million

Early Life

He was born Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario. His father, Dennis Graham worked as a drummer and his mother, Sandi Graham worked as an english educator and as a florist. Drake’s parents got divorced when he was 5 years old, after which he stayed with his mother in Toronto.


In the year 2000, Drake and his mother shifted to an affluent neighborhood in Toronto. His mother used to stay on the first floor, while Drake lived in the basement. He studied at the Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, wherein he expressed his liking toward the arts. Later, he went on to attend Vaughan Road Academy, where he was often bullied in the school due to his religious background. Drake dropped out of school mid-way through the year to pursue his acting career, however, he still graduated in the year 2012.

Professional Life

Drake’s biggest musical break came after releasing his own mix-tapes in 2006, 2007, and 2009; the second, Comeback Season, led to a single and a music video. He then subsequently became the first unsigned Canadian rapper featured on BET. After listening to Drake’s sound, Fellow rapper Lil Wayne immediately invited Drake to record songs and tour with him. However, despite all this, Drake did not sign with any company until mid-2009, a year in which he finally had a notable net worth of $1.2 million, which included $650,000 from his third mixtape, So Far Gone.

Drake has even acted in several movie and TV shows. He was involved in several movies such as Charlie Barlett, Mookie’s Law, Breakaway, Ice Age:Continental Drift, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Think Like a Man Too. Television series includes Blue Murder, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Soul Food, Conviction, Best Friend’s Date, Instant Star, The Border, Being Erica, Sophie, Beyond the Break, Saturday Night Live, Punk’d, and Saturday Night Live. Quite the list that many may not even have known about!

The source of inspiration behind Drake’s music career are rappers, Jay Z and Clipse. Jay Z was already extremely successful in the industry at the time, which only helped Drake’s cause. With the help of Jay Z, Drake dropped a number of successful albums such as Room For Improvement, Comeback Season, So Far Gone, Thank Me Later, Take Care, and Nothing Was the Same.


Drake has endorsed a lot of products in the past, which have been one of the sources of his income. He has promoted various brands like Coco-Cola, Kodak, and Virgin America. Apart from the aforementioned endorsement deals, Drake really only has one major source of income outside of his music: the Toronto Raptors. Named the NBA team’s “global ambassador,” Drake will be responsible for promoting and hosting a variety of events, as Toronto will be the location for this year’s All-Star Game. In one of the interviews, Drake said, “I do take it very seriously as a new job and a new chapter in my life.” He also hosted “Drake Nights” during the 2013-2014 game season.


Drake’s Net Worth in Detail

YearConcert ToursAlbum SalesSingles SalesYouTubeEndorsementsTotal EarningsTaxesExpensesInvestment IncomeDrake Net Worth

Drake’s House and Vehicles

Drake has a new view from the 6! He recently purchased a 2-acre property in Toronto’s luxurious “Bridal Path” and is planning to build a 21,000-square-foot mansion that will include a basketball court, an indoor pool, and a roof top hot tub, just to name a few. He currently lives in a private California mansion dubbed the Yolo Hills, Hidden Estate. It’s worth $7.7 million and includes a swimming pool , tennis courts, Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, pool tables, home cinema, gaming room, bar, library and a spa. A mere fraction of what his plans for his new Toronto mansion will include! Additionally, the rapper is also fond of cars. His cars collection includes Malibu LS, Veyron, Continental Supersports Convertible, Continental GTC V8, Mulsanne, and a Phanton.


Although Drake has had a difficult childhood, his story really inspires everybody to follow their dreams and stop at nothing to achieve them. Drake’s story is the perfect tale of a person becoming famous with sheer hard work and determination.


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