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Finally the wait is over! Canadian rapper Drake is out with yet another amazing song. This is the fourth of four songs that Drake released before his 30th birthday. Find out how you can read Drake’s new song “Fake Love” lyrics.

Only a few artists in the music industry demand mass hysteria when it comes to releasing their songs. One of them is Canadian rapper and singer Drake. Yes, you read it right. Unless you live under a rock or in a cave, Drake has released four songs in anticipation of his 30th birthday. He gifted himself and his fans four songs, and one of them is “Fake Love.” If you are wondering about Drake’s new album, More Life, then it is all set to be released in December. If you want to read the “Fake Love” lyrics, then you need to keep on reading.

Some of the lyrics of Drake’s new song “Fake Love” mp3 are as follows:

“That’s when they smile in my face
Whole time they wanna take my place
Whole time they wanna take my place
Whole time they wanna take my place
Yeah, I know they wanna take my place
I can tell that love is fake
I don’t trust a word you say
How you wanna click up after your mistakes?
Look you in the face and it’s just not the same.”

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“Fake Love” is produced by Frank Dukes and Vinylz. Now that you have a new party anthem, you won’t have to listen to old songs anymore. To listen to the track or to download it, you can visit Spotify or Tidal. If you are interested in reading the lyrics of the song, then you can do so at