Dr. Geraldine Racaza is working hard to put her personal problems behind her, even as she dispenses advice and treatment as one of the most respected doctors in the Philippines. Her husband, Raymond Racaza, is alleged to have had a secret affair with celebrity stylist, Liz Uy. Now, Uy has revealed a secret baby and many are already speculating that it’s Raymond’s! Dr. Racaza is keeping quiet, even though she is reportedly furious with her husband. Get the full scoop right here, with details from Dr. Geraldine Racaza’s wiki.

Another marriage may have taken a fatal hit because of “another woman.” The couple, in this case, is Dr. Geraldine Racaza and her now estranged husband, Raymond Racaza.

The other women is rumored to be celebrity stylist, Liz Uy. In fact, rumor has it that Uy has given birth to Raymond Racaza’s love child and had been hiding her pregnancy from everyone, even her friends!


People are curious to know more about this complicated situation, especially Raymond Racaza’s wife, so keep reading to know more!

A Solid Education

Dr. Geraldine Racaza is a consultant physician in Ermita, Manila, Philippines, and has been practicing for over 14 years. She completed her Doctor of Medicine from the University of The Philippines – College of Medicine in 2004, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Santo Tomas in 2000.

Dr. Racaza is a member of Sagip Buhay Medical Foundation Inc. and Phi Lambda Delta Sorority. She has been a brilliant student while studying medicine and gained recognition for her commendable work.

The physician has won several awards, including The Outstanding Young Men and Women (TOYM) Award in 2016 for medicine and Most Outstanding Resident in Internal Medicine (MORIM) Award nationwide in 2010.

Serving Her Country

Some of the services that Dr. Racaza provides for her patients are color Doppler ultrasounds, specialty diagnostics in tuberculosis, infectious disease treatment, and consulting services. She also provides HIV counseling to people who come to her for treatment and advice.


Wearing Several Hats

Dr. Racaza has also been an active consultant at several hospitals like St. Luke’s Medical Center and Manila Doctor’s Hospital. Many people call her by her nickname, “Doc Ging,” and have enduring faith in her professional abilities.

Today, Dr. Racaza is an author, professor, researcher, and a model as well.

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Dr. Racaza loves to dance and regularly boogies away to the sound of pulsating music. It is also one of her ways to keep herself fit, in addition to working out at the gym. She tells her patients to keep fit and she inspires them by doing it herself.

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Staying Away from the Limelight

Dr. Racaza has tried hard to maintain a low profile over the years and prefers to focus on her work and family. But now, she’s directly in the limelight over her husband’s alleged affair with Liz Uy.

Celebrity columnists have been saying that Uy has not been seen at many socialite events because they believe she has been hiding her pregnancy. She has reportedly been staying in the U.S. until she gave birth to her child.

It has been reported that Dr. Racaza is furious with her husband. All along, she thought that he and Uy were just friends.

However, it seems Dr. Racaza wants to handle this whole situation with dignity and reason. She doesn’t want any dirty laundry aired in public and she’s not made any statement regarding the situation at this time. Who knows; at this point it is still all speculation, so the entire affair and “baby daddy” situation could all be smoke and mirrors.


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Her Silence Speaks Volumes

Dr. Racaza even posted a message on her Instagram account where she wrote that she was very tired and preferred peaceful silence over a “tell-all” and lawsuits. She has also written that she has been “strong” because of her little daughter, who has the purest and gentlest of hearts.

No where on her Instagram has she posted anything in relation to these rumors nor has she commented at all on the allegations.

A Warm and Caring Person

Those who want to know more about Dr. Racaza, her family, and her work should head over to her Instagram account. You’ll find plenty of Geraldine Racaza’s photos there, along with those of her with her daughter and other children, with colleagues and friends, and medical camps.

There are also inspirational quotes from her idols like Bob Marley and warnings for people to avoid harmful substances.

Going Her Own Way

So, what about the woman who is said to be the cause of Dr. Racaza and Raymond Racaza’s split?

According to sources, Liz Uy is planning to focus on her fashion/stylist career in the U.S.

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