The famous British period-drama series Downton Abbey (Season 6) has come to an end, but all too soon for fans to process. All that is left is the Christmas special, which, as the name suggests, will air on Christmas Day this year and will mark the finale for the series. Take a look at some fan spoilers and a trailer of the highly anticipated episode called, “The Finale.”

There is a lot going on in the show as of episode 8, where Bertie walked out on Edith, Henry and Mary finally tied the knot, Thomas tried to kill himself, Carson was adjusting to change, and Violet returned from France! However, there’s much, much more hanging in the balance.


Disciples of the show commented on their hopes and theories about their beloved characters in a YouTube video. One said, “PLEASE, PLEASE let Anna and John’s child be born!” It will indeed be tough to tell whether Anna has a safe delivery what with her history, and if she does, Mr. Bates would actually explode with joy, as would we!

Another fan wrote, “The only thing I want for the final is for [Thomas] Barrow to fall in love and live happily ever after. That’s literally the only thing I care about.” After everything that the butler has had to endure in these six seasons, all that anyone can feel for the poor guy is sympathy. And Barrow being gay reaches out to a larger audience than one would expect, making him very relatable.

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Regarding Edith, one fan said, “The wedding is clearly going to be Edith’s!! I hope Bertie will make up with her, regardless of Marigold’s illegitimacy. I am worried that the funeral may be either Violet’s or Robert’s.” While the funeral mystery remains, Lady Mary seems to have finally found her happy ending with Henry, although the scene in Episode 8 at Matthew’s grave made us bawl our eyes out.

However, the one comment that spoke volumes was, “I do NOT want this series to end!! I feel as if they’re all part of my extended family [sic].” We couldn’t agree more!

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