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If you were wondering where DJ Donnie Simpson is, then we have an update for you! He will host the Tom Joyner Morning Show on until January 12, 2018. Simpson was going strong in his marriage to wife Pamela Simpson for more than 40 years, but it could have all ended with his infidelity! Read all about Donnie Simpson’s wife and how she saved their marriage, right here in our Pamela Simpson wiki.

Donnie Simpson began his radio career at the age of 15 and even did work in TV after his success. He got married to Pamela Simpson just three years into his career, and she has been his rock for over four decades now. Keep reading for interesting facts about the famous radio personality’s wife.

A Big and Happy Family

Pamela and Donnie Simpson were childhood sweethearts and have always believed in a loving family. The Simpsons are both from Detroit and got married when they were 19.

Donnie Simpson and Pamela Simpson’s kids are Dawn and Donnie Simpson Jr.

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Family Comes First

Pamela Simpson was an actress and model who calls herself “a retired cook,” too. She is truly a family woman who stood by her husband and made family her priority.

Simpson is a devoted mother and loving wife, and was always there for her husband, no matter the odds.

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The Silent Storm

The Simpsons were very much in love and happy, until Donnie Simpson suddenly walked out on his wife and kids. He had a mid-life crisis and chose to spend his days with a younger woman at the time.

In an interview, Pamela Simpson said that he took them all for granted and acted like a fool. They split up and stayed apart for three years before they were back on speaking terms again.

The Simpsons’ marriage could have ended in divorce. But thankfully, it was salvaged with therapy. Pamela Simpson was a single mother with two teens at the time, and she tried her best to save their marriage.

A Ray of Sunshine

As they say, “home is where the heart is,” and Donnie Simpson’s heart always belonged to his wife. She was ready to take him back, but had conditions:

“I wanted my family together. But the only way I’d have him back is if he really wanted to be back and give 100 percent to the marriage,” said Pamela Simpson.

“I let Donnie know there was no revolving door,” she continued adding, “I don’t want my daughter to settle for less than she deserves. Donnie wasn’t going to have his cake and eat it too, at my expense.”

Donnie Simpson realized where he went wrong, and that leaving a strong woman like his wife was a big mistake. The couple got back together, and has stayed by each other’s side ever since!

Becoming Grandparents

Donnie Simpson and Pamela Simpson now live in a lavish mansion in Maryland. The 17,000 sq.ft. home comes complete with eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a classy pool, and a four-car garage. The interiors were chosen very carefully by Pamela herself.

The Simpsons are happy grandparents now and even made additions to their home for their grandbabies!