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Jared Kushner is quiet, ambitious and a meticulous planner. After playing a sterling role in Donald Trump’s election win, Kushner is planning his next step. Will Kushner formally join the White House, or not? Even as he makes his decision, Kushner is deeply involved in father-in-law’s transition process. People are watching and wondering which way Kushner will go.

For years, Jared Kushner was known as being Ivanka Trump’s husband. But the 2016 presidential campaign changed all that. While Donald Trump was the public face of the campaign, Kushner was working quietly behind the scenes to ensure that Trump connected with as many voters as possible. Donald Trump’s son-in-law Kushner was a close adviser and confidant of Trump throughout his presidential campaign. According to sources, Kushner now has an influential role in the transition process whereby Trump will appoint his cabinet. People are speculating about the type of role Kushner will play once Trump moves into the White House.

To Join or Not to Join?

Sources say that currently, Kushner is weighing the options in front of him. He can join Trump in the White House formally by having a title and role. In such a case, the 35-year old Kushner could likely have a role along the lines of a senior adviser or special counsel. If this happens, it will only formalize a role that Kushner has already been playing ever since Trump began his presidential campaign. Kushner is already a constant source of advice and support as Trump’s Republican support and campaign managers came and went. When Kushner joined and organized Trump’s campaign, it was more structured than it had previously been.

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Lawyers at Work

If Kushner does accept a formal role in Donald Trump’s cabinet, it would come at a price. He will no longer be able to run his real estate empire as a head of the business. He will have to either name a successor, or hand over the business to a blind trust. Either way, he cannot have a role in it until he holds a formal post in the new government. Kushner and his lawyers are working on ways to avoid any conflict of interest that will most likely occur if Kushner wants to continue running his business, while taking up a role in the new cabinet. The law is very clear about not allowing a conflict of interest in such a case.

Kushner is the “Go-To” Man

Another option that Kushner is weighing is to have an influential role without taking up a post in the White House. In such a case, he can continue to run his real estate business without any problems. It has already been claimed that Kushner will take a voluntary role with assising Trump as President. That wil allow him to avoid conflict of interest charges in both his business, and within the White House. He has already handed over an operational role in his company, Kushner Cos. a few months ago. Since he is considered Trump’s eyes and ears in the President-Elect’s transition process, everyone concerned with the transition process seeking him out. Kushner has emerged as the “go-to man” in this transition process that is currently underway.

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Neck Deep in Money

In complete contrast to Trump’s flamboyant ways, Kushner is a quiet, soft-spoken person who likes to avoid being in the spotlight. He is usually seen in khakis, crew-neck sweaters, and athletic shoes. Make no mistake, he is as ambitious as Trump, if not more. In 2007, The Kushner Companies bought a Fifth Avenue skyscraper in New York for $1.8 billion when Kushner was just 25 years old. He made a killing by selling off his New Jersey properties for $2.0 billion at the height of the real estate boom. Kushner didn’t just marry into wealth; he has plenty of money of his own. Jared Kushner’s net worth is currently $200.0 million and that’s sure to grow, even if he takes a formal role in Trump’s new cabinet. In 2009, he married Ivanka Trump, and has three children with her.

The Negotiator

Kushner is busy talking to important people across various disciplines and industries in America, trying to get them to join or play an important role in Trump’s administration. Kushner is known as a very good negotiator and an astute deal maker. That’s something he has in common with his famous father-in-law. The difference is that Kushner is low-key in his approach and tries to avoid publicity. Whatever Kushner was known as in the past, things have changed now. The quiet son-in-law, who preferred to be in the shadows until now, is now in the spotlight. Whichever way Kushner goes, people are watching him.


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