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Presidential candidates have always accepted the election results in the United States. However, Donald Trump might be the first to not accept the results if he is declared the loser after the November 8 election. In the third presidential debate, Trump did not give a definitive answer when asked if he would accept the election results.

There have been some very close results of U.S. presidential elections in the past. Inevitably, one candidate wins, and the other one loses and has to concede gracefully. However, no candidate has denied accepting the election results, which is the will of the American people. Guess what? Donald Trump has created a stir, yet again, by not stating that he will accept the election results if it does not go in his favor. People are now asking, “Will Donald Trump accept election results?” They want to know if Donald Trump will concede if election results are against him.

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Evasive Reply

This happened during the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, on October 19. Trump was asked whether he would accept the election results, should Clinton win. Trump did not answer the question directly, and gave a sort of roundabout answer to it. He said “I will look at it at that time. I am not looking at it, but I will look at it at that time.” So Trump has decided to keep Americans in “suspense.”

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Conspiracy Theory

Trump has been saying in pre-election rallies that the election has been rigged, and Clinton and her people are behind it. Most political commentators have debunked this claim by Trump. However, Trump continues to say it during the third debate stating that there are millions of registered voters who actually should not be voting. Trump has claimed that there is a conspiracy against him, and the media is a part of it.

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Another Shocker from Trump

Normally such claims would be dismissed as the rantings of a disturbed man, but Trump is not that person. Since what he says is being heard and taken seriously by his supporters. Though it seems that Donald Trump refuses to accept election results, that is not exactly true. Trump has not said that he will not accept the election results if he loses, but has said that he will decide on the matter at a later time. There is a subtle difference between the two. Still, people waiting for yet another shocking statement from Trump have not been disappointed.


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