Donald Trump Got the Most Influential Latino Journalist Thrown Out of a News Conference

Donald Trump

He’s protested against illegal Mexican immigrants and insulted Prisoners of War (POWs), yet Donald Trump is still a front-runner in the 2016 U.S. presidential race. But he’s still making enemies, especially after Trump kicked Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos, 57, out of a news conference on August 25.

The property magnate later allowed Univision’s anchor back in, but the two got engrossed in a testy exchange, and the lasting image will be that of Ramos being forcibly pushed out.

The hitch in the conference held in Iowa began when the influential journalist stood up to question Trump, just as the politician pointed at another reporter.

Ramos spoke without a microphone and insisted, “I have the right to ask a question,” while Trump, on the other hand, kept repeating, “Excuse me, you weren’t called. Sit down. Sit down,” while telling the other newsman to “go ahead.”


Returning his attention to Ramos, Trump told him again that he didn’t have the right to speak, because he wasn’t called, and added, “Go back to Univision.” Simultaneously, a security staff member marched towards the reporter and forced him out of the room.

While Ramos was away, the 69-year-old billionaire labeled him as “obviously a very emotional person.” Trump also added in his defense that he wouldn’t mind the return of the journalist. “He was out of order. I would take his question in two seconds.”

Upon his return, Ramos questioned Trump about the subject matter of his planned immigration policy and the term “anchor baby.” Following all the drama, Trump went on to claim the enormous support he supposedly has from the Latino community.


However, the fact remains that Trump’s fight with the admired TV personality of Hispanic media is continuing to paint a negative image of Trump for a lot of viewers.

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