After the highly controversial GOP debate, Jeb Bush said that when his brother, George W. Bush, was President of the United States, he “kept us safe” during the 9/11 attacks. This put him under fire from everyone, right from fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump, to the current democratic presidential hopefuls, and even President Obama! And while most people have stopped talking about it, especially after the recent success of the democratic debate, Trump still isn’t ready to drop it.

The business tycoon posted a recent status update on Facebook, writing, “Jeb is fighting to defend a catastrophic event. I am fighting to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Jeb is too soft- we need tougher & sharper [sic].” The billionaire’s fans wasted no time in backing him up. They left comments such as, “WE need someone like YOU,” and, “Trump got my vote hand down I don’t want to wait another year [sic].”

However, several Facebook users seemed to be fed up of this argument, writing things like, “Do please stop the non productive fighting, whoever was to blame cannot be changed at this point, please, instead focus on what you want to make happen for this country [sic].” And another follower similarly wrote, “That’s fine, but no need to attack GW. Whoever gave you this advice needs to go. Bad campaign advice.”


That being said, he must be doing something right, because Trump’s Facebook post was not only liked a whopping 59,000 times, but it’s also been shared by over 2,500 people and racked up 6,000 comments in less than 24 hours.

This social media war between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump actually started as far back as last Friday (October 16), and the two have been going back and forth ever since on the same issue. The last shot from Bush came on October 18, when he tweeted that Trump’s “absurd comments again raise questions on whether he possesses the judgement to be President,” along with a video mocking Trump’s knowledge and expertise, or lack thereof, on the U.S. military.

After a couple more jabs from Trump, including the most recent Facebook post, Bush tweeted today, “We need a foreign policy strategy that projects U.S. leadership. @RealDonaldTrump doesn’t have one.” And the war wages on.

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