An aide for Donald Trump has confirmed that the FBI is now “actively investigating” after the Republican presidential candidate received vulgar threats via Twitter from a user believed to be Joaquín Guzmán—known as El Chapo, Guzmán is the notorious Mexican drug lord who escaped (for the second time) from a maximum-security prison near Mexico City on July 11.

After news of Guzmán’s escape broke, Trump took to Twitter to blast some of his political adversaries for their inability to manage the situation. He then followed it up by saying, “Trump, however, would kick his ass!”  And that’s when he received the threatening response from an unverified Twitter account, which, when loosely translated from Spanish, read something along the lines of, “Continue f***ing around and I will make you swallow all your f*cking words you lousy white f*ggot.”

Mexican officials said that they’ve been unable to determine the authenticity of the account from where the tweet originated, and they’re also unsure about several other linked Twitter accounts that appear to belong to Guzmán’s children.


Trump has since released his own statement claiming that this is about more than defending himself. “I’m fighting for the future of our country which is being overrun by criminals,” said Trump, adding, “You can’t be intimidated. This is too important.”

This investigation comes on the heels of Trump’s earlier comments about the rise of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. During the launch of his presidential campaign, Trump’s said in his speech that Mexicans are “bringing drugs” and “bringing crime,” and that they’re “rapists.” Following his controversial statements, Trump has received a slew of backlash, including from celebrities and even fellow presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton.

Although Trump’s camp has said the FBI is on board, the bureau has refused to confirm or deny their involvement in the investigation, as per their “standard practice.” The investigation is presumably ongoing.


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