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Donald Trump stumped everyone with a new Word of the Day: Covfefe. If you don’t know what it means, don’t bother looking it up. It left the Internet, baffled, concerned, and above all, amused. We’re campaigning for “Covfefe” to be in the dictionary thanks to these hilarious Donald Trump memes!

While most were asleep, the President tweeted. Now, you’ll ask, what’s out of ordinary with a Donald Trump tweet? Well, this new tweet from the POTUS plunged the world into confusion. The translator apps are in overdrive and Merriam-Webster refuses to comment. The President’s late night tweet read, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Period. Just like that, he left us hanging with “covfefe.” It’s a cliffhanger almost as nerve-racking as the end of every The Bachelorette episode! The Internet has gone crazy with his tweet, retweeting it 61,000 times and giving it more than 75,000 favorites! And of course, we have all the “covfefe” memes that have now taken over, too! With all the memes resulting from what looks to be Trump’s Twitter typo, many are still scratching their heads wondering what is “covfefe?” Is it a typo? Fake news? Alternative fact? Did he mean to type “coverage” and fell asleep? Let’s just get through this new coinage with the best “covfefe” memes, and hope that somebody somewhere has the answer.

#1. Wake up, Merriam-Webster! We need you.

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#2. Very helpful. Thank you. (Note the sarcasm.)

#3. One serving of Covfefe with dressing on the side.

#4. Someone’s not following through on their promise…

#5. Maybe Arvind knows what it means?

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#6. The trend is catching on fast!

#7. Don’t you think they would have cracked it by now?

#8. Any GOT fans? We need Azor Ahai to covfefe us!

#9. It’s going to be a long night…

#10. Did you hear about Kathy Griffin’s covfefe?

#11. Sean Spicer: Covfefe to have you here.

#12. Sia’s next single.

#13. *Internal screaming*

#14. The answer is here somewhere.

#15. How does one capitalize on a tweet so soon?!

#16. Somebody already bought the domain name!

#17. Sure, this isn’t scary… not even a little.

#18. Don’t you just love the Internet?

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#19. Covfefe is here to stay.

#20. It does explain a lot…