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We have only touched the surface of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but judging by the trailers, we can’t wait to see what happens next! Girls kissing girls, guys kissing guys—can someone at ABC just leak the episodes already?! Fans got a chance to meet Dominique from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor and now she’s back! To learn more about Dominique from Bachelor in Paradise, take a look at our Dominique Alexis wiki.

What Is Dominique Alexis’ Job?

Dominique Alexis’ net worth is unknown, but last time we saw her, she was a restaurant server and aspiring actress from Los Angeles. The 26-year-old is a fan of Titanic and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. She enjoys all things celebrity and not only is she looking for love, but she’s also looking for her big break.

Dominique Alexis’ Instagram

For a look at Dominique Alexis’ pics, head right over to her Instagram account (@dominiquecalexis) where you can join her many followers and get all the updated information you need. Whether she’s celebrating a family milestone, doing a photo shoot or lounging on the beach, Dominique knows how to have a good time! You may even get a glimpse of a few celebrities on her page. We noticed that she finally got to meet her crush, Joe Jonas, and he stopped to take a picture with her. Does it sound like we’re jealous? We swear we’re not!

Dominique Alexis’ Family

Dominique is one of four children as she has two sisters and a younger brother. Lorraine is a resident physician; Christine is a TV host; and Stephan ,20, is a Marine. Dominique is also a proud aunt, thanks to Lorraine and her husband, Mario Charles.

“It’s official I’m an aunt!! Feast your eyes on the insanely beautiful and precious Leilani Amelia Charles,” Dominique said on Instagram. “I can’t even explain how over the moon I am over this beauty. Congrats Lorraine & Mario Charles, you’ll be amazing parents!”

If Dominique plays her cards right, her niece will have a new uncle!

Under her spell ???? #LeilaniAmeliaCharles #AuntyDuty

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Dominique Alexis’ Boyfriend

After her date with Diggy Moreland, we can see why fans might think that Dominique is off the market. But the truth is, she’s still looking. Diggy was smooth as ever when putting the moves on her and while he may have sounded lame at times, he said all the right things. He earned that kiss, didn’t he? Could he be the one to save Dominique from having to go on any more dates? We wouldn’t be surprised! And since he has no interest in Lacey (poor thing), he may have a shot at being the man of Dominique’s dreams. But let’s not get carried away here—things change quickly all the time and every week there’s a new love interest to shake things up. More often than not, the contestants don’t find love on the show but still remain hopeful and come back for more. Some call it optimism while others call it crazy. Could Dominique and Diggy be crazy in love?

Let’s do the twist ????

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