Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Usher has herpes!? It’s been a topic of debate for years, and now, his ex-wife Tameka Foster is involved. We’ve got all you need to know about Usher’s newest scandal, legal proof of his STD, and how many women he spread the disease to. With one lawsuit already wearing him down, we just hope there aren’t any more! Here’s the scoop on Usher and his herpes lawsuit.

It looks like more bad news for the music mogul, as it’s been reported that Usher has herpes. It was very shocking for fans and family alike when Usher’s herpes related court documents proved that he did not disclose the disease before sleeping with a woman who sued him in 2012. The lawsuit set Usher back a hefty $1.1 million. Now, it’s possible that another woman is suing him for a larger amount for the same reason. Read on to know all about the embarrassing news related to Usher.

It has come to light that Usher has reportedly given herpes to Maya Fox-Davis (a stylist in Hollywood) without disclosing to her that he had it when they had unprotected sex. He was sued by the woman for over $1.0 million, and just as the dust was settling, another woman has now come forward to sue Usher for the same reason. But this time, it might cost Usher a heart attack-worthy $20.0 million! According to BET, the name of the woman is hidden, but she has filed a king-size lawsuit against the “U Got it Bad” singer!


What’s more interesting is that the second woman suing Usher, has lawyered up by appointing Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster’s lawyer; Lisa West. Though Foster is scandalized by these recent events, she claims that she has nothing to do with all the drama, and she is absolutely healthy.

The woman filed a lawsuit at the beginning of this month, stating that Usher harmed her emotional status, given her heavy medical bills, and passed on his herpes virus to her. She explained that they started having sex in April in Atlanta, but used a condom. She then added that they were at it again 12 days later in New Orleans, but this time it was unprotected sex.

The drama doesn’t seem to stop when it comes to Usher! As if it wasn’t already bad enough, the woman who is suing him claims that she became aware of his STD when she read reports about him paying another woman to keep hush about it. This is what nudged her to get a test, and to her shock, the results were positive. She is in total grief and is claiming a hand full in terms of compensation by suing the award-winning singer.  

Usher is currently married to Grace Miguel, who has been managing him. Neither Grace nor Usher have commented on this embarrassing news. We can only wait for Usher to come out and tell us if all this is actually true!