Photo by: Eamonn M. McCormack / Stringer / Getty Images

At 54, Simon Cowell is going to become a father for the first time with his new sugar baby, 36-year-old Lauren Silverman. Although Cowell has never been one to want kids, he’s recently started to really warm up to the idea, even giving some thought to what his parenting style would be. Although Cowell came across as being kind of hard-edge as a judge on American Idol and The X Factor, he doesn’t plan on being as uptight when it comes to his kids.

Cowell’s parenting philosophy is simple: “Be cool about it. You know, don’t worry about things too much,” said Cowell, adding that he won’t be turning to any “self-help books or any of that crazy stuff” for help.

That being said, Cowell has also admitted that he may not be very helpful with the baby because he really doesn’t know what he’s doing, although he’s confident that it’ll get easier with time. “I’m not brilliant with babies. I never know what to do,” he said in a recent interview. “But [once he’s older] I think I’ll be a good dad in terms of advice,”

The celebrity couple, who took their May-December relationship public after Silverman got pregnant while still married, is expecting to welcome their son in February 2014. Although they haven’t revealed his name yet, Cowell has a few ideas of his own—either baby Simon, after himself, or Eric, after his father.

What do you think: Do you agree with Simon Cowell’s relaxed approach to raising kids?


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