It wasn’t that long ago that Clint Eastwood’s young wife, 48-year-old Dina Ruiz, filed for legal separation from her famous 83-year-old husband. The celebrity couple had already been living apart for quite a while before Ruiz filed the documents for a legal separation. However, it has now been revealed that just a couple days after submitting the paperwork, Eastwood’s wife filed a new document to have the legal separation dismissed. Her request for a dismissal was made with prejudice, which means she doesn’t intend on refilling for separation again.

If the celebrity couple was already living their own lives prior to the formal separation, you can’t help but wonder what sparked Ruiz’s sudden change of heart after just a couple of days. Plus, it doesn’t seem like they’re headed for a reconciliation any time soon—they’re both rumored to be dating other people now. His wife even said she was “saddened” to see pictures of Eastwood with his new younger woman, and that she was looking forward to “new beginnings.” That doesn’t sound like a woman who is ready to go back to an unhappy marriage. So, why would Ruiz want to remain Eastwood’s wife?

Many are speculating that her decision is based solely on money. Eastwood is estimated to be worth a whopping $375.0 million and by remaining his wife—legally, at least—she’s just protecting her right to his fortune. The celebrity couple reportedly signed a prenup agreement ensuring that if they divorce, Eastwood won’t have to fork over half of whatever he earned while they were married—had they forgone the prenup, she could have left him and still walked away with big money.


Ruiz, who had no problem talking about her split from Eastwood, has not made any comment about why she retracted her decision to legally separate.

What do you think: Would you ever stay in an unhappy relationship just for the money?


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