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DJ Akademiks is mostly known for being a gossip powerhouse in the entertainment industry today, but he did start off as a DJ. Whether he’s reporting on Suge Knight fainting in the courtroom or Joe Budden leaving Everyday Struggle, the YouTuber has over 1.3 million subscribers to his channel. DJ Akademiks’ net worth is estimated at around $700,000, according to sources. If you want to know more about his life and career, then you came to the right place.

DJ Akademiks’ YouTube channel is what has made him the star he is today. The channel shares mostly gossip and news of Hollywood and sports celebrities. Fans go to his channel first to see where and what their favorite stars are up to. So, naturally, DJ Akademiks has made a handsome amount through his videos.

Keep reading to know more interesting facts about him in our DJ Akademiks wiki.

DJ Akademiks’ Real Name

According to sources, DJ Akademiks real name is Livingston Allen. He hails from Spanish Town, Jamaica.


Born on May 17, 1991, DJ Akademiks age is 26. He emigrated to the United States around 2000 and reportedly went to Rutgers University, New Jersey, where he settled after coming from Jamaica.

DJ-ing Since School

When he arrived in the U.S., DJ Akademiks was a shy guy and had a few friends who were Jamaicans. He began DJ-ing at the Rutgers University radio station on Saturday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. DJ Akademiks mostly stuck to music throughout his teen years and was particularly drawn to hip-hop.

As a young adult, DJ Akademiks began blogging about his love for rap, which was well-received by his peers and readers. This gave him the confidence boost he needed. And, at that point, he knew which direction to head in.

2017… I hope u were entertained ……….

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He’s a Science Graduate

DJ Akademiks has rightly named himself so, as he apparently has a Bachelor’s degree in biomathematics. This field of study involves scientific research that aims to understand biological processes using mathematical models.

The young DJ began playing at college parties and barbecues locally, which inspired him to do more. He also began uploading these casual videos, like many YouTubers do, and people began to take notice.

Harlem shaking thru the pressure ?⚡️?????.

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Akademikal Point of View

DJ Akademiks caught the attention of the youth, and he had a lightbulb moment when he decided to start talking on his YouTube channel, too.

“Usually anyone that’s American who goes to a dancehall party, they’ll say this one thing: ‘The DJ talks way too much.’ Because the DJ oftentimes makes his opinion heard. Now, I’m the same way,” said DJ Akademiks about his online transformation.

DJ Akademiks’ show with Joe Budden called Everyday Struggle caught a lot of heat, and more and more people wanted regular doses of his antics on his channel. He came to be known as “The Negrotiator” online, and soon enough, DJ Akademiks began making thousands of dollars through the successful channel.

How Much Money Does DJ Akademiks Earn?

DJ Akademiks’ videos have received over 700 million views, with an estimated 1,000 views daily, which means that he earns an average of $350,000 as annual income through the YouTube channel. He also has another YouTube channel called The Negrotiator aka DJ Akademiks, which also makes him a reported $60,000 annually.

LateNightCreepVids is another channel that is associated with DJ Akademiks, and with more than 300k subscribers and more than 100 million views, this channel also earns the artist an easy $140,000 annually.

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