Music producer Thomas Wesley Pentz, famously known as Diplo, recently spoke to Rolling Stone about today’s pop culture scene and wound up trying to defend Madonna’s place in it all. Claiming that pop singer Madonna, 56, has “created the world we live in,” he believes that she hasn’t been treated fairly.

Diplo says that regardless of the massive effect she has had on the pop music industry, nobody seems to care about her anymore, because she’s so much older. “Madonna, we’ve been there, done that, now we’re about Kim Kardashian.” And even though Madonna’s recent tour sold out in a matter of minutes, “no one seems to want her to succeed,” says Diplo.

Diplo is a little biased, seeing as how he has produced several tracks on her newest album, Rebel Heart. Nonetheless, he still bashes today’s pop culture for what it deems relevant. “I’m confused that Madonna isn’t allowed to be sexy, but Caitlyn Jenner is?” questioned the Grammy-nominated producer. He has a point there.


One of the tracks Diplo produced for the pop queen’s new album is called “Bitch I’m Madonna.” About this particular track, he says that although people said it wouldn’t go anywhere, he still encouraged her to do it, because it represented her more than anything else. Another track, “Ghosttown,” didn’t do so well, but according to Diplo, it was only because it was a Madonna song, calling it “a guaranteed Number One for anybody else.” Judging by reader comments, most people seem to agree with his controversial take on the music industry.

Diplo didn’t just bash pop culture to defend the honor of Madonna—he also used the interview to slam fans of Taylor Swift, whom Diplo supposedly had “beef” with after making a comment about her booty. When asked if he and Swift were on good terms again, he said, “Her fans loved the beef, though. That’s all they have—they don’t have, like, real things going on.”

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Image copyright 2009, David Shankbone

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