Dillard’s Store Hours Today: Is Dillard’s Open or Closed on New Year’s Eve & Day?

New Year at Dillards Department Store
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New Year’s Day can be a day of rest and a special time to spend with family. The whole shopping-eating-traveling-event planning routine can be fun, but by the end of Christmas, it’s enough to wear even the most energetic of us out. There’s good reason as to why so many long for the holidays to slow down, so they have some time to breathe before the new school or work chaos of 2017 begins. We’ve got all the information needed for those wondering what Dillard’s New Year’s Eve hours include, so that they might be able to pick up those last-minute items!

It’s all over, right? All the Christmastime rush of cooking, traveling, gift wrapping and giving, eating—done and done. It’s time to relax. Well, in theory it is. But what if you have some gift cards or cash you want to use to do a little shopping before 2017 kicks into gear? Or what if you’ve got the in-laws coming over of a New Year’s Day dinner and you’re out of extra dishes to serve them with? Or, even worse, you have some teenage kids that want to refresh their wardrobe so they are looking sharp for their return to school? Let’s face it: you’ll have to do some more shopping. This might not be ideal but it might be necessary and it won’t be made easier with most shops shutting down for New Year’s Eve or Day. However, Dillard’s Department Stores are available to help. If you check out their website information seeking “Dillard’s Store Hours Today [New Year’s Day]” and are wondering “Is there a Dillard’s near me?” then you’re in luck for some shopping ventures over both days of the New Year 2016-17 transition.

New Year’s Eve and Day can be a time where people might need to do some last-minute shopping, or even spend a day out to take advantage of all the sales before 2017 begins. But as with a lot of businesses over the holidays, there’re limitations on when customers can shop. It’s understandable why many businesses want to shut down for a few days over Christmas and New Year’s—their employers need a break as much as anybody else. But it’s tough for those of us on our holidays that want or need to do shopping. There are companies that go against the grain to accommodate people at home over the holidays. Dillard’s Store is just such a place. As one of those trusted American companies that provide comprehensive retail services to clients everywhere, Dillard’s has extended its dependability to the final days of 2016 and into 2017.

You might be in need of a place to do a little fun post-Christmas shopping or are looking for a gift for family or friends you might have missed over the holidays. With Dillard’s, it’s a double benefit. Most of Dillard’s New Year’s hours include the Dillard’s being open on the evening of Saturday, December 31 and then open for business the next morning, almost as per usual.

So…Is Dillard’s open on New Year’s Eve?

Indeed. They will open mid morning and close around dinnertime. See chart below.

Dillard’s Schedule on New Year’s Day

If you’ve been wondering, “Is Dillard’s open on New Year’s Day?”, you’re in luck: they are open and on regular store hours.

Here are Dillard’s New Year Hours to note. These are recently updated and current to Dillard’s public listings:

Saturday, December 31 [New Year’s Eve]10, 11 AM*6 PM
Sunday, January 110 AM8 PM

Oh and be sure to check out the New Year’s Clearance at Dillard’s. You might be in for some great savings.

*Please note: While these are the listed times, it’s good to check your local Dillard’s Store either online or via phone to ensure they are abiding by this schedule. As with the New Year’s Eve openings, times may vary. Also note Eastern, Central and Pacific times as they may vary as well.

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