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Was there a Woah Vicky vs. Danielle Bregoli situation? Many on social media want to know ever since it surfaced that the two have been hating on each other online. But are the “Cash Me Outside” girl and the Instagram star really feuding? Hard to believe since they both seem to have so much in common! So, did Bregoli really “cash her outside” or what? Find out more about this alleged bad girl beatdown here.

There are still those who can’t believe that Danielle Bregoli is famous or that she even has a rising rap career. If you don’t remember her, the words “Cash Me Outside” may help you remember. That’s right, the out-of-control teenager made famous on Dr. Phil is reportedly at odds with another teenage girl, one who could seemingly pass for her sister! Woah Vicky is her name and she’s got a real hate on for Bregoli! But why does she want to fight her? We have a little more information on the two social media stars, right here.

Who Is Woah Vicky?

She may not be known to many but she has a serious following online, which appears to be growing. He real name is Victoria Waldrip and she was born on March 7, 2000, in Georgia. The 18-year-old social media star is a graduate of Penn Foster High School, an online institution based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She’s just as outspoken as outspoken as Bregoli and she may even have her beat when it comes to attitude!

She Thinks She’s Black!

Just when people thought they didn’t have to deal with the cultural appropriations of Rachel Dolezal and Danielle Bregoli, they now have to deal with Victoria Waldrip. She has over a million followers on Instagram and it’s possible that many of them just follow in order to criticize her! But why all the hate?

On July 22, 2017, Waldrip posted a video stating that she was 25 percent black, after she took an ancestry test online. Since her comment, people reacted as expected and didn’t take the news well, especially since she had been using the N-word on Twitter. Many threatened her, while others believed she should be able to express herself. (Also, one of the reason people tend to bash Bregoli.)

There have also been instances when Waldrip has contradicted herself, using hash tags that describe her as a “white billionaire” when she goes out of her way to explain that she’s black. (Um…can someone get this girl a mirror?) Her Instagram shows her in various wigs and posing with someone named “Virgin”, a young black man who appears to be Waldrip “Woah Vicky”‘s boyfriend.

That Time She Got Arrested…

Like Bregoli, Waldrip has also been on the other side of the law and it was caught on video. While at the Four Seasons Town Centre mall in Greensboro, North Carolina, Waldrip was arrested for trespassing, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest. A friend of hers was seen screaming for her in the video and a male friend of hers was tackled to the ground, but it wasn’t shown why. Vicky was eventually released but not before her mug shot was taken and processed. She later posted a video saying that the reason she was arrested (along with her boyfriend). She said, “F*** what they saying, the reason they lock me and my boyfriend up was because we was drawin’ too much attention from people comin’ up and takin’ pictures.”

Woah Vicky vs. Bhad Bhabie

Based on her social media, Waldrip always seem s ready to square up and this time she went after Bregoli as her target.

It all started from a music video Waldrip posted to YouTube, making fun of Bregoli and calling her offensive names. Bregoli responded with a video of herself watching Waldrip’s music video, stunned and screaming at what she was hearing (or what she was trying to hear, some of it was clearly inaudible and Bregoli laughs saying she needs speech therapy).

Then, in an Instagram Live video, Waldrip accused Bregoli of not meeting for a fight and said that Bregoli’s music wasn’t as good because she doesn’t write her own lyrics and she uses autotune. The two seem to go back and forth, attacking each other via video and uploading them to their accounts.

But did the fight ever take place at a later date? The short answer is no, but since Bregoli got off probation early, something tells us she’s not messing that up over someone older than her.

We just hope they both stop speaking to each other…or in general. Forever.

Fuck you @bhadbhabie scary bitch don’t want no smoke I’m a 18 year old billionaire!!! said it right

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