Being able to sing alongside one of rock and roll’s most iconic figures is probably one of the most memorable experiences for a singer. For Katy Perry, that experience came early on in her career when she had the opportunity to record backup vocals with Rolling Stones front man, Sir Mick Jagger. But singing wasn’t the only reason the experience was so memorable for Perry.

During an interview with an Australian radio show, Perry made a startling revelation about her celebrity relationship with Jagger: “I went to dinner with him one time and he hit on me when I was 18.” In case you’re trying to do the math in your head, Jagger would have been around 59 at the time—that’s a 41-year age difference.

Perry added that it happened a long time ago and “he’s been very kind.” He must have been because the celebrity pair joined forces again in 2011 when Perry performed with Jagger on the Rolling Stones’ Beast Of Burden tour.


Jagger’s camp was quick to slam the rumors that he ever hit on the much younger woman, releasing a statement saying, “Mick Jagger categorically denies that he has ever made a pass at Katy Perry. Perhaps she is confusing him with someone else.”

Although a 41-year age difference is pretty steep, it wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering Jagger’s dating history. He has been in several high-profile relationships with younger women, and was reportedly infatuated with Angelina Jolie, who is 32 years younger than he is. He’s also currently dating fashion designer L’Wren Scott, with whom he shares a 24-year age difference.

What do you think: Would you ever date a man who was more than 30 years older than you?


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Photo Credit: Featureflash / (Mick Jagger), Debby Wong / (Katy Perry)

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