Another celebrity couple has pulled the plug on their May-December marriage, although we have to admit, we kind of saw this one coming. Courtney Stodden, 19, and Doug Hutchison, 53, have finally decided to end their two-year marriage, at least for now.

The celebrity couple shocked and appalled everyone when they revealed that they were honoring their illicit May-December relationship with marriage. With Stodden’s parents’ approval, the 16-year-old married the Lost actor—he was 51 at the time, making him even older than her father. Despite receiving enormous amounts of flak for their May-December relationship, both Hutchison and Stodden maintained that their 35-year age difference meant nothing to them. “We’re aware that our vast age difference is extremely controversial, but we’re very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless,” the celebrity couple said in a joint statement.

They clearly spoke too soon. Stodden’s recent stint on the U.K. edition of Celebrity Big Brother is reportedly one of the key causes behind the split, because she “realized that there is a whole world out there to explore,” said one insider. “She was so reliant on Doug up until doing the show, but after going so far away, she realized she could survive by herself.” Going on the reality show without her older husband was Stodden’s first real dose of independence, and it was that freedom that completely changed the dynamics of the celebrity couple’s May-December relationship. It probably also didn’t help that while she was in the U.K., Stodden was legally allowed to drink, something she was never able to experience in the U.S. where she’s still underage.


The end of the celebrity couple’s marriage might also be thanks to Hutchison not being able to keep up with his young wife in the bedroom. Stodden has openly said that, because she’s “young and horny,” the one thing she would change about their relationship is more sex. They were even seeing a sex therapist at one point to help boost their sex life.

The celebrity couple has yet to comment on the rumored split, but other sources are saying it’s Stodden who’s pushing to end their marriage.


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Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / (Courtney Stodden), Featureflash / (Doug Hutchison)

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