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Looks like Idris Elba has a fan in Dev Patel. In a recent interview with, the young actos endorsed Elba for the role of James Bond. Though Patel is supportive off screen, the actor—who burst into popularity with the hit British drama Skins—would rather be a Bond villain on screen.

Patel told “Give it a couple years and I’d love to be a Bond villain; that would be amazing. I think a good Bond is measured by how menacing the villain is.”

So, who would be Patel’s ideal actor for the role of James Bond? Why Idris Elba, of course!

“Idris would be an amazing Bond, I think he’s awesome,” said the actor.

With diversity issues being challenged in the industry more and more, Patel’s endorsement of Elba couldn’t have come at a better time. Back in September, 2015, James Bond author Anthony Horowitz called Elba “too street” to play the famed spy. The author then apologized on Twitter saying he didn’t mean to cause offense and had Elba’s Luther character in mind at the time.

Many have interpreted that the 43-year-old Beasts of No Nation star sarcastically replied to the author’s previous comment on Instagram with a screenshot of that particular Daily Mail interview. The caption read: “Always keep smiling!! It takes no energy and never hurts! Learned that from the Street!! #septemberstilllovesyou.[sic]”

In other words, Elba doesn’t need Horowitz’s approval or blessing and will continue to enjoy the praise of his Beasts of No Nation September premiere in Venice. (Oh, the shade!)

Chances are that, if you polled most people, you wouldn’t get a street vibe from Elba—the man’s always in a suit! Elba also wasted no time getting dressed up for Prince William, who awarded him the Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his outstanding collection of work in the arts. (Nothin’ “street” about that!)

Do you think Elba would make a good Bond? And would Patel make a worthy villain?