Marvel’s first R-rated venture as earned mega success in box office sales records. Last Friday’s (February 12) releases have broken box office records with Deadpool earnings for the opening weekend having grossed over $150 million over the four-day holiday period. The X-Men mutant spin-off with a drop of not-so-sweet adult humor has helped Marvel producers reap great benefits from this risque movie project.The Deadpool movie has debuted in the number one spot for R-rated opening weekend collections, beating revenues of mega-hit adult movies like Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), 300 (2007), and The Matrix Reloaded (2003). The movie’s $132,750,000 collection for the opening weekend (February 12 to February 14) has taken the top spot on the list of top opening weekends for movies in all categories in the month of February, leaving behind The Passion of the Christ (2004), Hannibal (2001), and The LEGO Movie (2014).


Before you go watch Deadpool, here’s a closer look at the movie’s box office numbers. According to the updated figures of Deadpool sales from the weekend and adding that to the collections on Monday, the President’s Day holiday, the four-day weekend extension has amassed $150 million in domestic collections. The  Valentine’s Day (Sunday, February 14) earnings have finished at an estimated $42 million in domestic takings, and the President’s Day holiday on Monday has brought in about $20 million to Deadpool’s domestic weekend collection. It actually turned out to be Ryan Reynolds’ biggest opening weekend, closing in on X-Men Origins: The Wolverine (2009) movie, in which Deadpool was first introduced. The collections so far rank Deadpool in the sixth spot of top X-Men franchise grosses, and in the seventh spot for widest R-Rated opening weekends. The movie has also topped the President’s Day 4-day holiday weekend openers rankings.


Deadpool Box Office

The Deadpool box office collection has grossed over $130 million in foreign weekend openings. The movie has so far banked $12 million in Russia, $8 million in France, $10 million in Australia, and over $20 million in United Kingdom. Adding up the estimated foreign collections along with the domestic ones brings up the total gross collection of Deadpool to about $282 million from the past four days. These figures have made Deadpool the most successful movie with Ryan Reynolds in the lead role. Not bad for the actor, who had to face harsh criticism for his past box office duds for movies like Green Lantern (2011) and R.I.P.D (2013). But this Deadpool success has just propelled Ryan Reynolds’ stardom, similar to what the success from Iron Man did for Robert Downey, Jr.

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While movie buffs are relishing on some hysterically offensive rants and its “spare no one” kind of humor, Deadpool has also pissed off a few people. While the Deadpool character in the movie ticks off almost every other character, the movie’s collection has bugged its weekend competition, especially the makers of the much-awaited comedy sequels Zoolander 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3. Zoolander 2, starring Ben Stiller, opened with barely $9 million, setting the three-day total of domestic collections at just over $16 million. It’s worldwide opening added $10 million, turning its total to barely $25 million.

Deadpool’s huge success had a devastating effect on most of it’s competitors, but mostly on actress Dakota Johnson. Apart from beating down her Fifty Shades collections, the movie has brought down Dakota’s latest release, How to Be Single. Releasing a rom-com on Valentine’s is strategic, but turns out to be a debacle when you’re up against an unmatched blend of adult humour and superhero power. This ideal combination in Deadpool has brought down the gross weekend collection of How to Be Single to $28 million, $10 million short of its production budget.


Deadpool also managed to scab box office earnings of yet another competitor, the animated comedy Kung Fu Panda 3. The DreamWorks animated feature managed to bank just about $100 million over the past two weeks.



Deadpool’s predictions for the opening weekend were somewhere above $65 million. The resulting collection numbers have more than doubled the predictions, which is commendable considering the Deadpool movie budget of $58 million dollars.


If you’re new to the world of Deadpool, here’s a brief take on what happens in the movie that makes it such a hit. Exiled special forces officer Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) lives a dark, crooked life, but has fun living it. As he spends time at his best bud Weasel’s (T. J. Miller) shady bar for some thrilling chaos, Wade comes across an equally wild and weird woman named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) and they instantly hit it off. Their relationship blossoms into an engagement, but turns into a mess when Wade gets diagnosed with multiple cancers in his body.

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For the purpose of being able to start a life with Vanessa, Wade decides to try out a potentially fatally treatment that could cure his body of cancer, but also mutate his abilities. Wade goes through the gruesome experiment and turns into a hideous-looking superhuman (Deadpool), with an oddly funny take on not-so-funny things. When he comes seeking for Vanessa, he finds out that these experimenters (also mutants) have abducted her as a bait to bring Wade/Deadpool in. 

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But how exactly can a fresh take on a superhero flick manage to create such a box office menace? Well, it takes unbelievable action sequences, illogical survivals, a rare storyline (for a superhero movie), a whole lot of bizarre jokes, and an unparalleled production studio to back it. Watch the massive hit Deadpool in your nearest theater as Marvel guys gear up for a promising sequel.
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