Bring out the crown; the universe has a new beauty! Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters is the new Miss Universe, but following close were two other beauties; second runner-up Davina Bennett (Miss Jamaica) and first runner-up Laura Gonzalez (Miss Colombia).

Miss Jamaica showed a lot of grace and intellect this year, after the country had a dry spell for six years on the Miss Universe platform. The last time Jamaica even came close to winning the crown was in 2010 when the country came in second. From not being in the scene for so long to claiming third place this year, Jamaica seems to be back in the limelight. Here’s what you need to know about Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett, the second runner-up for Miss Universe. Also, read on to know if Jamaica has ever won Miss Universe before.

Jamaica in Miss Universe

In the glorious history of the Miss Universe contest, there are many countries who have taken home a lot of crowns and some, who haven’t got the chance yet. The United States has won the most number of Miss Universe crowns so far (8), and coming in a close second is Venezuela with seven crowns.

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This year, it was a refreshing set of countries who took the titles home, and Jamaica was one of the top three beauties!

Jamaica has never won the Miss Universe crown (yet), but the splendid country has seen some top 10 placements and runners-up in the past. This year, Las Vegas proved lucky for the current Miss Universe Jamaica, Davina Bennett aged 21. After beating 92 contestants, she was the first name called to reach the top three spot, before the final question. Bennett was in a daze (the good kind) as she took her spot among the top three, and with that, Jamaica had already won a position.

Davina Bennett was then asked the final question. Steve Harvey, who was the host again this year, asked, “What quality in yourself are you most proud of, and how will you apply that quality to your time as Miss Universe?”

Bennett was sure of what she wanted to say and her answer was very convincing, too. She said she appreciates her drive and her determination.

She added, “I am the founder of a foundation for the deaf community and this platform is such a great platform to let persons know that these persons need opportunities and need equal opportunities and so Miss Universe competition will be the platform for me to use this foundation to spread awareness for all the deaf people around. Thank you.”

The crowd absolutely loved her answer, and the judges too were very impressed. There was even a slight hope that this could be the first year for Jamaica to take home the coveted crown!

Davina Bennett Post Miss Universe

But Bennett’s name was called first among the top three, which gave her the second runner-up title. Bennett was crystal clear, she wanted to help the deaf people, and will continue to do so after representing her country proudly on such a grand platform.

She wants to break the barriers between the people of the deaf society and others, giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in life.

Bennett is pursuing marketing, along with modeling. She has already walked the runway at London Fashion Week so we have little doubt her modeling career will continue to flourish, and now more than ever she is going to work hard for her foundation. The current Miss Universe is Miss South Africa and although it was an exciting night for her, Bennett stole hearts this year. Check out some of Davina Bennett’s hot pics below andyou’ll see exactly why she placed among the top three!

Beauty with Brains

Hatted and Ready to Face the World

Who Says Women are Weak?!

Gold Rush

Queen Goals!