David Wright on Survivor 2016 is an anomaly. Wright is infinitely more comfortable sitting at his desk with a pen and paper because Wright is a writer by profession. Wright is a writer for the hit animated television series, Family Guy, who has spent his whole life trying to evade attention and doing what he does the best, writing. Through a combination of unpredictable events and his own free will, Wright now finds himself under the spotlight because he volunteered to take part in Survivor 2016. Since he avoids publicity, not much is known about him, but we will tell you all we know about David Wright’s wiki.

Where is David Wright from?

David Wright is from Chicago, Illinois but he currently lives in the town of Sherman Oaks, California. Wright was raised in a small suburban neighborhood in Chicago, and he was a timid and shy introvert while growing up. Wright used to shy away from large social gatherings and avoided outdoor activities. It is ironic that he decided to take part in Survivor 2016 because he’s made it his life mission to avoid crowds and outdoor activities, which is pretty much what Survivor is all about! Wright reveals that this is the precise reason why he decided to come on this show.

Survivor 2016


Facing His Inner Demons

Wright is a long time fan of Survivor, but that is not the real reason he is participating in the show. He is doing it so that he can beat his fears. He wants to overcome the anxiety issues he faces in his everyday life and improve his way of thinking. Wright is an optimist, and he believes that competing in Survivor 2016 will teach him a new skill set – to face his irrational fears head on and beat them! Looks like he is doing a fine job of it, because he has already reached the Survivor 2016 Finale and he is the underdog who some expect will win the show.

Man On a Mission

There is not much information about David Wright’s wife or David Wright’s kids, as he likes to keep them and himself away from the spotlight. It’s a brave effort by Wright to test himself on Survivor 2016, which is certainly taking a physical and mental toll on him. Wright has lost weight and looks haggard and haunted, but does not want to give up. Wright wants to prove a point to himself that he can confront the dark terrors that have made him an introvert all of his life. Everybody is cheering for the man on a mission, David Wright. So, tune in to the Survivor finale as the special three-hour episode concludes the season tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST on CBS!