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The most watched news anchor of ABC, David Muir is not an unknown face to America. Be it covering the latest Presidential elections or any other breaking news, you will see Muir standing before you, ready to dish out the latest happenings in the world. Is Muir on the radar now for having a girlfriend or is David Muir gay? What drives our favorite news anchor and how does he put up with the difficult world of journalism? To really find out who is David Muir, keep reading our David Muir Wiki.

Who doesn’t know David Muir? He is almost family, as everybody tunes in to watch him report on the current happenings around the globe everyday. Does he have a secret potion hidden somewhere that gives him the extra edge? Well even if he didn’t, Muir is worth the watch! Muir deals with something that not everyone is made for, and he makes it look oh so easy. He has dedicated his entire life to journalism and inspired many to take up this challenging career. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how much Muir makes through his salary and what Muir’s Net Worth is! All we know is that we love to watch Muir. It’s amazing to see how he untangles many situations with the suave attitude that he carries around. Here’s everything you need to know about David Muir in our David Muir wiki.

Muir, Broadcasting Live from a Cardboard Box!

David Muir had his heart set on journalism before he could spell the word. Since his childhood, Muir had an affinity towards interviewing people and recording the events taking place around him. Ah! The dreams you build in your childhood! For anyone wondering where Muir is from, David Muir was born in NYC on November 8, 1973, which makes Muir’s age 43. Muir gained quite an impressive education when he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the Park School Of Communications, Ithaca College. For additional education, Muir also went to Georgetown University for political journalism and took a course abroad in Spain. Wow! He is definitely qualified for the job! David Muir was fascinated by the world of journalism since he was a little kid and used a cardboard box to broadcast his own news on the happenings around him from inside the box. Muir was also given an allowance, and unlike other kids who would spend it on candy, Muir decided to buy a cassette recorder. He used it to interview his sister’s teenage friends about anything he wished. This is how the journey of Muir began, which has now turned into a brand name followed by millions. Dreams come true indeed! Muir’s parents, Ronald Muir and Pat Mills, are proud of their son, who has interviewed some of the biggest names in the world, including Hilary Clinton, President Donald Trump, and Pope Francis, just to name a few.

Is Doctor Muir in the House?

No, he did not also graduate in medical science! Ithaca College gave him an honorary doctorate, where he studied in the class of ‘95. The Emmy Award winning journalist on ABC World News reports from all across the globe, including places like Fukushima, Gaza, and Tehran, and has been doing it for more than a decade now. Did you know the handsome Mr. News anchor also won an award for his piece on keeping track of the 9/11 hijackers? This is how hard work pays off. Muir was presented with the Edward R. Murrow Award for his work during the fateful 9/11 attack. David Muir took Diane Sawyer’s place as the host for World News on ABC in 2014. Who would’ve thought 30 years ago that the kid in the cardboard box would be on international TV?

Is David Muir Gay?

The news of Muir dating his co-host Gio Benitez was making rounds in the news, and nobody could really confirm anything about the situation. But Benitez cleared the air by revealing his wedding plans with his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario. The two of them got married last year in front of family and friends. As of right now, we cannot confirm that Muir is dating anybody, which still leaves many questioning his sexuality.

Muir the “Anchor Monster” Loses His Cool

The staff at World News nicknamed David Muir, the “Anchor Monster,” as he’s lost his cool time and again. On TV, Muir is an absolute delight to watch, but what goes on behind the scenes are only known to a few. Did the pressure finally get the best of him? He lost his temper as their rival show’s ratings went up; they received 8.3 million viewers higher, while Muir received 7.3 million viewers. The interviews with Pope Francis were also a bust, as the ratings had gone down to a disappointing low again in competition with their rival, NBC. One of the ABC networks’ representative felt that it was ridiculous how people were looking at this, and that Muir was the kindest person he knew. He added that even though the interviews had not received the expected numbers, Muir was still the most watched anchor on TV.

What’s David Muir Posting on Instagram?

He is a good looking fella’ no doubt, and Muir’s Instagram page does not hide it. Muir recently posted pics with Kelly Ripa, looking so happy to be hosting with her on the show. Muir also takes to Instagram to showcase his many travels, and we can’t deny he’s got his “smolder” look down pat. His work out regime is definitely working for him on social media, too! The man looks great! He is an awesome humanitarian, working for causes that plague the less fortunate. We need more David Muir’s in the world. If you want to check out some really inspiring David Muir pics, check out the below list.

Ken and Kelly

Waking up with this one tomorrow. Always love sitting next to @kellyripa. She makes me smile. @livekellyandryan

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Heal the World

That Million Dollar Smile

Happy to Have Met His Holiness, Pope Francis.

And the selfie of the year award goes to …David Muir!

.@shakerpearl catching my #CentralPark selfie #magic #gma

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How Much Does the World’s Favorite News Anchor Earn?

It is reported that David Muir is estimated to be worth a good $7.0 million.

That should be enough to keep the journalistic guru well kept! The anchor started his career with WTVH- TV as a staff writer, and pushed the boundaries in journalism, eventually earning him many awards and accolades. Over the last few years, Muir has achieved what most people only dream of, with honor and popularity. The face of ABC’s most important news show draws a salary of $5.0 million per year! He became an instant hit with the World News viewers when he took over for Diane Sawyer on ABC. Since then, he appears every weekend on our TV screens, bringing us the details of the current affairs on various latitudes. Muir is worth every penny he’s earned, but no amount of cash can replace the name he has made for himself in the industry.