David Dobrik attends the 10th Annual Shorty Awards at PlayStation Theater ( Credits: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Shorty Awards )

David Dobrik's Estimated Net Worth: $4.0 Million
About David Dobrik
Age27 Years
BirthJuly 23, 1996 Kosice, Slovakia
SiblingsEster Dobrik, Sara Dobrik, Toby Dobrik
AddressLos Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
OwnsTesla S P90D
AlumniVernon Hills Excessive College
AwardsShorty Award Vlogger of the Year, Streamy Award for Breakout Creator
BrandsDavid Dobrik Merchandise
YOUTUBE CHANNELSDavid Dobrik, David Dobrik Too

David Dobrik is barely out of his teens and is already a multi-millionaire, thanks to his success as a YouTube star and actor. His YouTube channels, where he creates laughs for his viewers, are popular and have millions of subscribers while his live shows are also always jam-packed. Dobrik’s estimated net worth is around $4.0 million, and he has proved that a sense of humor can surely take you a long way.

It never ceases to amaze people how youngsters these days are earning their living by becoming social media stars.

They create entertaining material on social media for their fans, followers, and subscribers while earning money for themselves just for doing it!

One such social media star is David Dobrik, who first rose to fame because of the videos he posted on the now-defunct Vine platform. He debuted with his first video on April 3, 2013, on Vine and had over 1.3 million followers at the height of his fame.

Dobrik then made the transition to YouTube and quickly developed a dedicated fan following on this platform, as well. He also appeared on TV shows and some films, which also contributed to his kitty. So much so, that David Dobrik’s net worth in 2018 is estimated to be over $4.0 million and growing!

Coming to America

Born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia, David Dobrik’s age is 21 years. He has three siblings named Ester, Sara, and Toby Dobrik.

Dobrik was very young when he and his family moved to Chicago, Illinois and settled down. But he has since made a very successful life for himself in America, now reaching fans by the masses!

Early Success on Vine

David Dobrik attended Vernon Hills Excessive College in Chicago and became enamored by social media and its infinite possibilities by the time he was a teenager. He started by uploading funny videos of himself on the then-popular platform, Vine.

Later, he collaborated with other Vine personalities like Gabrielle Hanna, Alex Ernst, Josh Peck, and Brandon Calvillo.

Mega Success on YouTube

In 2014, Dobrik started his own YouTube channel, and it looks like most of his 1.3 million Vine followers decided to subscribe to him there, as well.

Today, David Dobrik’s YouTube channel has more than 6.8 million subscribers, and the numbers are growing every single day. He posts hilarious videos and vlogs, filming everything from his day-to-day antics with Liza (his equally Internet famous girlfriend) to pulling pranks on his squad of friends. The latest? Getting his friend Jason to kiss his friend, Seth, while Jason is in disguise as a female ape. (Yes, you read that correctly; you need to watch the video to get it!)

Dobrik was previously part of a collaborative channel called “Second Class” but now, he focuses on his YouTube channel. In fact, it looks like one just wasn’t enough! He became so popular for his vlogs, he started a second YouTube channel called “David Dobrik Too”, which currently has more than 3.7 million subscribers!

The social media star has credited his YouTube channels’ success to Vine. He said that if YouTube didn’t work out for him, he “would still be back on the farm in Illinois raising cattle, or worse, going to college.”

A Match Made in Online Heaven

The name David Dobrik itself is synonymous with his equally Internet-famous girlfriend, Liza Koshy. The two have been giving everyone serious #relationshipgoals ever since they started dating in 2015. Not only were they boyfriend and girlfriend for the past three years, but they are also literally best friends and have always brought out the best in each other.

Their online fame came hand-in-hand, much like the two of them. And over the years, their online videos and vlogs (which often featured each other) became fan favorites, earning them both superstardom on the Internet. While Dobrik was famous for his pranks and antics with his squad, Koshy became equally famous for the many characters she invented and the comedic videos she regularly posted.

Fans fawned over the two for years, until it was announced just recently that they officially decided to take a break! The news came as a real shock to fans, who believed they were literally the perfect couple.

While many didn’t even believe the news at first (as rumors of them splitting had dogged them for years but always proved to be false), Dobrik and Koshy sat down in a tear-filled, tell-all video confirming the news of their split.

Both of them have decided it is what they need to do right now, though they are still best friends and have assured fans that part will never change. Check out the emotional video below! (And just a warning in advance, you may want to get a box of tissues handy!)

The Money Keeps Flowing In

Fortunately for Dobrik, both his YouTube channels have become immensely popular. He is earning money from them while laughing all the way to the bank!

His monthly earnings from his primary channel “David Dobrik” are estimated to be between $29,800 and $476,400. The estimated yearly earnings are between $357,300 and $5.7 million. And that’s not all!

Dobrik’s second channel, “David Dobrik Too,” generates estimated monthly earnings between $1,800 and $28,400. The estimated yearly earnings are $21,300 to $341,400.

His Instagram account is another money maker for the 21-year-old. Dobrik has over 4.8 million followers on Instagram, and his estimated earnings per post are between $7,290 and $12,150!

No wonder Dobrik is grinning—he’s making a fortune and has reportedly already built a $4.0 million empire! Who said you can’t have fun while making money?!

Sales of Merchandise Go North

Dobrik also earns cash from product placements in his sponsored videos. He is currently being sponsored by companies like SeatGeek among many others.

Another source of income for the star is the sales of David Dobrik’s merchandise like his exclusive vlog hoodies, vlog phone cases, sweaters, T-shirts, gym shorts, jogging pants, caps, shirts, and blankets. The products are of high quality and reasonably priced, so Dobrik’s money train is steadily chugging along as people continue to order his merch!

In 2016, Dobrik was signed by talent agency WME after his huge success on Vine and YouTube. This development has predictably added even more money to Dobrik’s coffers.

Venturing into Acting

Dobrik is also an actor and has appeared in TV series such as The Honest Show, Prank U, and The Pain of Painting. He has also appeared in films like FML, and the short film, An Interrogation.

In 2017, Dobrik appeared in the TV series, Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, and the video for “Gucci Bands.”

Next, he will appear in a 2018 adult comedy called Airplane Mode, which has been described by its makers as “American Pie for Gen Z” and the “Expendables but with Internet stars.”

Winner of Multiple Awards

Dobrik is the recipient of several awards for his work on social media like the Shorty Award Vlogger of the Year in 2017 and the Streamy Award for Breakout Creator in 2017. He was nominated for the Shorty Awards for YouTuber of the Year, as well.

All these achievements and acclaim and Dobrik is just 21 years old!

Fast Car for Fast Times

Thanks to all the money he’s made, Dobrik is the proud owner of a Tesla S P90D. It has amazing features like self-driving, self-parking, and two trunks.

The car’s price is a cool $110,700 and Dobrik showcased it and its fantastic features to all his subscribers and followers through his “David Dobrik Too” YouTube channel.

A Bundle of Relentless Energy

Dobrik is a 24×7 livewire, and his social media accounts reflect that. David Dobrik’s Instagram account is full of pictures of himself clowning around in front of the camera with his demented friends, kids who look up to him, and other YouTube stars.

There are also pictures of him with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Chuck Norris, and with super cute animals like a rabbit, a baby kangaroo, a pony, and a koala-like creature.

American Tour Coming Up

Right now, Dobrik is preparing for his upcoming summer tour, where he will take his brand of comedy and entertainment live before eager audiences.

David Dobrik’s tour will start in the U.S. on June 9, 2018, in Lynn, Massachusetts, and will end on August 25, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois.

No matter what happens in this big bad world, David Dobrik is determined to create as much laughter for as many people as possible!

Name of YouTuberNet Worth
David Dobrik$4.0 million
PewDiePie$20.0 million
Markiplier$16.0 million
Anthony Padilla$8.0 million
Jenna Marbles$5.0 million
Liza Koshy$4.0 million
Kassem Gharaibeh$3.0 million

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