Soccer legend David Beckham is making a huge career switch from scoring goals to scoring movies. What’s more, his Hollywood buddy Tom Cruise is reportedly providing him with acting tips!
The 40-year-old former athlete is finally fulfilling his wish to become an actor. This decision has given fans a reason to celebrate, and with Beckham’s gorgeous looks, his success is undoubted. With the help of longtime pal Cruise, who has been in the film industry for over three decades, the father of four has a good chance at actually making it big in this field as well.
Reports are that the ex-Manchester United winger has been receiving tips and tricks on theater from the Mission Impossible star for quite a few years now. A source informed the Daily Star, “Tom sees David as a very loyal and trusted friend, and is willing to help fulfill his dreams.”
Not only that, but he also reportedly believes that Beckham has an appreciable on-screen look and exudes a charisma that “could work for movies.”
It has already been confirmed that Beckham has a speaking role in Guy Ritchie’s Knights of the Roundtable King Arthur, which is slated to release next year.
Meanwhile, Cruise, 53, has also been advising him about learning dialogue as well as tactics on talking to co-actors. Hopefully, all these efforts will amount to us being able to someday watch Beckham in his dream role of famous spy James Bond. Tom Cruise is equipped with everything he needs to advise Beckham for the 007 role, having done several films in the action genre himself. Plus, his connections to the “big wigs” of Hollywood will also prove to be very useful.
However, it seems that Beckham was initially very hesitant to make this career move. The insider said, “David resisted at first, but over time has become more comfortable with acting.” Claiming that “it is baby steps,” the source added that it is vital for the aspiring actor to get his experience.
This transition from sports to films is definitely not the first of its kind. Fellow soccer players Vinnie Jones and Eric Cantona have previously tried it out, and Beckham is aware that there is no guarantee of him garnering the kind of fame on the big screen that he has on the field. He told the British Times that he was conscious of the many athletes and other personalities who tried acting but failed.
Beckham also said that he knew what it took to succeed in the tough profession and that he wouldn’t want to push himself into it without first learning more about it. Adding that he is a well-known person, he said, “I have [gotten] used to criticism.”
On his cameo in Ritchie’s film, Beckham said that it was “nerve-racking,” but it went really well. Despite only 13 lines in the movie, he had practiced a lot beforehand, and it seems to have paid off.

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