David Beckham’s soccer skills seldom get questioned, but the athlete has been getting some heat for his parenting skills after his four-year-old daughter, Harper, with wife Victoria Beckham was pictured using a pacifier.

The Daily Mail recently published an online story that pictured Beckham with Harper in West Hollywood over the weekend. The article claimed that “parenting experts” say Harper has chances of growing up with “speech or dental issues” as a result of being given the “controversial accessory” at the age of four.

Beckham didn’t take the criticism lightly. The former English footballer took to Instagram to post a screenshot of this article, along with the caption: “Why do people feel they have the right to criticize a parent about their own children without having any facts??”


He also added that his daughter was unwell and had the pacifier simply for comfort purposes. He said that when children are unwell or have a fever, parents do what comforts them and more often than not, “It’s a pacifier.” The angry dad warned people who criticize about how other people raise their children to think twice and boldly stated, “You have no right to criticize me as a parent.”

Needless to say, Beckham’s fans supported him and his outspoken statement by writing mostly positive comments under his Instagram post.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail posted a follow-up article including Beckham’s claim that Harper had a pacifier because it was to comfort her while she was ill—but the site chose to leave out the part about how Beckham called them out specifically for being the ones to criticize in the first place.


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