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FOX66/NBC25 News anchor Dave Bondy has been covering all the latest happenings in Michigan through a very illustrious broadcasting career. But after nearly a decade, Dave Bondy leaves Mid-Michigan NOW. The journalist revealed he’s got new plans in the works and is switching professional trajectories. Naturally, longtime FOX66/NBC25 viewers want to know where Dave Bondy is going next and if he will remain in Michigan. Find out what Dave Bondy said about leaving the news station here.

Dave Bondy Leaves Mid-Michigan NOW

Dave Bondy grew up in the Detroit suburb of Wayne and graduated from Westland John Glenn in 1993. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies from Eastern Michigan University in 1998.

He started his career immediately after graduation at Indiana’s WEVV. After a year-long stint at North Carolina’s WECT, he returned to Michigan in 2002.

Bondy spent over five years anchoring and reporting in Saginaw’s WNEM before moving to Alabama in 2007. He spent the next three years reporting at WBRC and then relocating to the Pittsburgh market as a reporter for WPXI-TV in 2010.

In 2015, Dave Bondy moved to Flint, Michigan, and joined WEYI as an anchor and reporter. He also worked with the web team of the station and added content to the station’s social media platforms.

In his 25 years as a journalist, Bondy has covered a wide range of national topics, including interviews with several presidents. And now he has announced his retirement from television news.

Dave Bondy is leaving Mid-Michigan NOW for a new chapter in his life. There are rumors of him being laid off by the TV station, but Dave, while refuting the rumors, says, “I was not laid off, I left on my own. I will have some news in the near future but I am NOT going away and my voice will continue.”

Furthermore, the anchor has cleared that he is no longer a media member, and he will reveal more about his future adventure in the coming days. Another important thing is that Dave is not going anywhere and will stay in Mid-Michigan. Also, he wrapped up his last day on the broadcast on April 4, 2023.

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