About Darren Barnet
Known AsDarren Charles Barnet
Age33 Years
BirthApril 27, 1991 Los Angeles County, California
SiblingsJennifer Barnet-Rudolph
ParentsCharlie D. Barnet Jr.
AddressLos Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
AlumniBerry College, Dr. Phillips High School
ShowsNever Have I Ever, This Is Us

Mindy Kaling has brought together a diverse cast of young, talented actors for her latest Netflix production, Never Have I Ever. The coming-of-age dramedy will see the South Asian-American teen, Devi, and her friends navigate the ups and downs of teenage life. And what’s a teen series without a heartthrob? Enter Darren Barnet, who plays high-school hottie Paxton Hall-Yoshida. And the character was tailored to match the young actor who plays him. With more visibility in this much-talked-about series, Barnet is set to feature in some much-anticipated titles in the near future. He’s going places, so you need to catch up with him with our Darren Barnet wiki.

Darren Barnet’s Grandfather Is Big Band Leader Charlie Barnet

Darren Charles Barnet was born on April 27, 1991 (yes, Never Have I Ever premiered on his birthday). He is the younger of two children born to Charlie D. Barnet Jr., the son of Big Band sound icon, Charlie Barnet. His older sister’s name is Jennifer Barnet-Rudolph.

New Yorker Charlie Barnet was the son of a businessman who was VP of the New York Central Railroad. He defied his family’s expectations to become a musician and the orchestra leader of a big band.

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Charlie Barnet was married 11 times in his lifetime. From his marriage to Harriet Clark, he had his only son, Charlie Jr.

When he died in September 1991, he was survived by his son, granddaughter Jennifer, and newborn grandson Darren.

His son Charlie Jr., Darren’s father, passed away in August 2008.

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Barnet Is Partly of Japanese Descent

Darren Barnet’s mother is of Japanese descent, making Darren and his sisters Japanese-American. His mother is now married to California-based businessman, Hady Breidy. Darren and Jennifer have a younger half-sister, Emily, from their mother’s second marriage.

Besides his Japanese heritage, Barnet has revealed he also has Cherokee Indian, Swedish, and German ancestry. He knows Japanese and French and speaks conversational Spanish. Barnet claims his multilingual skills have made it possible for him to put on a variety of accents, according to different roles.

Darren Barnet’s character on Never Have I Ever is also Japanese-American. Paxton Hall-Yoshida was originally just named Paxton Hall, but Mindy Kaling altered his characterization when she heard Barnet speaking Japanese with the show’s assistant director.

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Barnet Appeared in This Is Us

Los Angeles-born, he relocated to Orlando, Florida with his mom when he was 12. There, he graduated from Dr. Phillips High School in 2009.

Since he was five, Barnet has wanted to pursue acting. Before he graduated from high school, Barnet became active with friends in a youth program. They’d film and edit movies that they’d show to their families.

He balanced his academics and acting pursuits with sports. Barnet was captain of the school lacrosse team and particpated in basketball, boxing, and martial arts.

Barnet’s exceptional talents earned him a scholarship to Berry College in Georgia; he was the first in his family to receive such an honor. In Georgia, he did a little student modelling while building his acting resume in film and theater. He was also a sports producer for Viking Fusion, an e-media platform.

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After gaining experience in short films, Darren Barnet’s acting career picked up, with appearances in TV shows. He has made appearances in S.W.A.T. and Criminal Minds, but his most prominent credit is playing the younger version of Milo Ventimiglia’s character, Jack Pearson, on This Is Us.

After Turnt in 2018, Never Have I Ever is Barnet’s latest main role in a show. He plays the high school heartthrob in this teen dramedy.

He is also set to feature in the upcoming American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules and in the final season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is set to premiere in May.

While in quarantine, Barnet is upgrading his acting skills by studying at Will Wallace Acting Company, self-taping auditions, and working out.