Sad news for UFC fans. Danielle Nickerson is no longer Mike Perry’s girlfriend! The news came as a shock to everyone and now fans want to know what happened. Have a look at our Danielle Nickerson wiki for more details on the platinum princess and her breakup.

Who Is Danielle Nickerson?

While many know her more as Mike Perry’s girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend), she’s actually a profession tennis instructor and acro-yogi.

“My fitness journey began when I was a kid,” Nickerson said in her Tonic Active profile. “My parents were always playing tennis together and I wanted to play with them. I started taking lessons when I was 10 years old and haven’t stopped playing since.”

She explained that once she got to college, she decided to take tennis to the next level and she started teaching young kids who were just as excited about tennis as she was at their age.

She’s worked at Red Bug Lake Park for six years now and has worked her way up the ranks from an Assistant Pro to the Junior Development Director. “My favorite class that I teach is my Adult Cardio Tennis class,” she says.

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Danielle Nickerson’s Instagram

If you want to see hot pics and amazing yoga moves, then head over to Nickerson’s Instagram account. She also has pics of herself playing tennis, having a good time in the gym, and pics of her now-ex-boyfriend.

The Breakup

In her latest post, Nickerson wrote an emotional letter about her surprising breakup from her UFC fighter boyfriend.

“Mike & I are no longer together. I wanted to explain what is going on because there are so many people who have shown me/us so much love and support and have invested into us, and felt like you guys deserve answers. I also don’t want to get hundreds of comments on my photos from here on out about, ‘Where’s Mike. Why aren’t you together?’ and such. I am a huge believer in God & that everything happens for a reason and everyone in your life is there for a reason. Mike and I are not meant to be together in a relationship but only to be friends and support each other through life.[sic]”

Why Did They Break Up?

According to the platinum princess, her ex-boyfriend has a “wandering eye” and she couldn’t deal with it anymore! It’s hard to believe, since she’s noticeably been in Perry’s corner throughout his career. (She was literally in the corner of all of his fights in the octagon!)

She explained that no matter how good things look on the surface, things aren’t always what they seem and no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors. She added that we are all human and we make mistakes. “Mike unfortunately has a wandering eye and this time it wandered too far and I couldn’t accept anymore. No physical cheating happened but enough was said that I hit a limit I couldn’t return from,” she explained.

In her letter, Nickerson said she’s not mad at Perry and although nothing physical happened with the woman in question, she couldn’t stay with him anymore. She also stated that they would be better off as friends and wished him nothing but the best in the future. The tennis pro also asked that fans not send her direct messages or post anything negative on his Instagram.

She Supported Perry Like No One Else

She was more than just his girlfriend, too! She’s been by his side through thick and thick, literally as his biggest fan. And if that wasn’t support enough, she’s been there to help with his training, his meal prep, and she’s suffered through a lot of criticism being called Perry’s “corner woman.” She’s been a pillar of support for the fighter from day one, and many are already wondering if she will continue to support him as a fighter, even if she’s no longer his girlfriend.