Danielle Bregoli has become infamous as the “cash me outside, how ’bout dat” girl after her appearance on The Dr. Phil Show. She made the best of her notoriety by launching her own business and her net worth is now a tidy $150,000. She has landed in more controversy by assaulting a patron at a bar in Florida.

The “Cash Me Outside” girl is at it again. Danielle Bregoli has landed herself in the news again. Bregoli and two of her girlfriends were outside of a Lake Worth, Florida bar when some patrons outside started saying her iconic phrase “catch me outside.” At first, Bregoli and her friends were enjoying the attention and even offered to take selfies with fans for $10.00 each. Before anybody could realize what was happening, one of Bregoli’s friends attacked a bar patron. We have details from Danielle Bregoli’s wiki right here.

Pushed into a Corner

Bregoli became famous when she appeared as a guest on The Dr. Phil Show. A clip from the show was uploaded to YouTube on September 15, 2016. Bregoli’s mother turned to Dr. Phil because her daughter was running wild and stealing cars and she needed professional help. The audience kept laughing at her and, after a certain point, Bregoli could not take it any more. She turned around and said “Catch me outside, how about that?” challenging the audience to a fight outside the studio. The video and the phrase started spreading through the Internet in the following weeks. Since then, the phrase and Bregoli have become famous.

Business is Thriving

A meme of Danielle Bregoli of her with “Cash me ousside, howbow dah?” written over it has been circulated widely on the Internet since late last year. She has now become a viral celebrity. The 13-year-old has appeared in the music video for the song “Everything 1k” by rapper Kodak Black and has launched a clothing line. She is selling hoodies and T-shirts with her catchphrase printed on them, as well as tote bags and puzzles with her face on them. Her hoodies sell for a cool $65.00 while her T-shirts are priced at a reasonable $35.00 each. Thanks to all this money rolling in, Danielle Bregoli’s net worth is a healthy $150,000.

A Social Media Sensation

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Danielle Bregoli’s Instagram account has more than 3.0 million followers and is increasing by the day. Notoriety sells! The latest news that Danielle Bregoli beat up a bar patron in Lake Worth, Florida comes almost three weeks since she and her mother were involved in a fight with another female passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight out of Los Angeles airport. It seems that Bregoli stays true to her catchphrase and is not to be taken lightly.