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Internet trolls claim they have access to nude pictures of Danielle Bregoli, who is also known as Bhad Bhabie. The “Cash Me Outside” girl went from Internet sensation to a chart-topping rapper. So, it’s no surprise that scandals follow her. Keep reading to know the truth about Danielle Bregoli’s leaked nudes.

Danielle Bregoli is one busy girl! She’s celebrating a Billboard nomination for her hit single, “Hi Bich,” working on a possible reality show, and ignoring haters while getting into heated brawls with Woah Vicky and Lil Tay. So, she probably doesn’t have the time to worry about a handful of NSFW pics of herself on the Internet.

Of course, it’s the Internet’s job to blow everything out of proportion. So, we’re here to bust the myth about Danielle Bregoli’s nudes, which are allegedly circulating in cyberspace.


Were Danielle Bregoli’s Nudes Leaked?

Danielle Bregoli took over the Internet the day she said in her signature accent on Dr. Phil, “Cash me outside.”

Since then, the Instagram sensation has gotten in the faces of one too many celebrities and launched a rap career.

While being Internet famous is the best kind of famous today, it also has its downsides. That includes unsolicited intrusions and excessive curiosity.

So, if people see a post promising Danielle Bregoli’s nude pictures, a few curious minds are very likely to click on the link. But they will end up with something else, of course.

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Many other celebs have nude pics circulating the Internet, and now the same is being said about Bhad Bhabie. While it may be true for some celebrities, Bregoli’s nudes haven’t been exposed in the digital domain.


So, if you come across a link claiming to direct you to the young rapper’s nudes, there’s a high chance it’s clickbait. And the culprit behind the rumors about Danielle Bregoli’s pics appears to be Malu Trevejo, one of her many famous haters!


Trevejo, another online celebrity with the same niche audience, has an ongoing feud with Bregoli. The two were reportedly friends, but things soured when NBA YoungBoy allegedly cheated on Bregoli with Trevejo.

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Their feud got so bitter that Trevejo allegedly exposed a nude video of her rival. However, the chances that happened are slim to none. Nonetheless, Trevejo made explosive claims about Bhad Bhabie in videos.

Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube users have called out trolls for baiting people with alleged nudes of the Internet sensation. Bregoli is, after all, only 15! Claiming to have nude pictures of a teen (even if there aren’t any) is bound to have consequences.


Bregoli’s Instagram can be pretty NSFW—both visually and verbally. And although some say that they have some of Danielle Bregoli’s nip slip pics, she hasn’t bared it all yet, contrary to claims.

If your social media feed does give a link to alleged Danielle Bregoli nudes, feel free to ignore it. We’d rather bet on her odds of winning against Nicki Minaj and Cardi B at the 2018 Billboard Awards!

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